Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Going Chunky

I've taken some time out from knitting the Yeti's socks (see Sunday's post if you're perplexed) and decided to do something more rewarding. By 'rewarding', I of course mean 'quicker and easier'...instant gratification..almost.
I had a ball of James Brett's Marble Chunky kicking about my stash which was just the thing. After a few hours of knitting/tv watching (ohh multi tasking...lol) I rattled up the ribbed hat and later whilst at my knit club managed to do quite a bit of the matching scarf. I really do champion this yarn in both the Chunky and DK version's as the colourways are superb. This one reminds me of sterotypical Scotland. No, I'm not referring to drunks and misers thank you very much..but rather all rolling green hills, heather and thistles. The yarn is so smoochy too despite being..dare I utter...100% acrylic!!!!
I'm not sure who the lucky receipant of this cosy set will be yet.
(I used a U.S link to the yarn but in the U.K it retails at around £3.75 for 200g)

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Patricia McMahon said...

Love the colors- they do look like spun heather on a green hill.