Thursday, 12 November 2009

Street Life

The other day fellow blogger Andy wrote about Google maps in his post so I'm kind of poaching that topic. The reason being is that I love the introduction of the 'Street View' function..infact it's fair to say I am fanatical about it. There are those whoever are not so keen.

Privacy campaigners tried to introduce a legal challenge over the launch of Google Street View in the UK. It is understandable that some people are uncomfortable with Google making an enormous photo album of 25 towns and cities, but that doesn't make it illegal.

People who happen to be in the street at the time the Google camera car took photos in the area have their faces blurred which surely meets with the Uk Human Rights Act.

Someone who I have personally talked with on this subject feels that perhaps it is just another tool for would be terrorists or even an aide for potential thieves or even bombers.
Some celebrities have expressed that it may give added encouragement to stalkers.

I take a less serious view on the matter and think its a great tool for those like me that are perhaps not so good with directions or conventional maps. If I am going somewhere unfamiliar I can virtually 'walk' it first and instead of remembering 'left' and 'rights' I can recall what buildings look like or shops I may pass on the way. Maybe that's a girl thing?

Besides, I use it for virtual travel too. When I was last in Paris (pic above)I fell ill on the last day and missed out on a few sight seeing moments. Looking at photos didn't give me a sense of knowing 'what was where', but another 'walk' with street view put things in perspective a little more.
I think it's a great way to check out the location of holiday accomodation before you book so you can get a feel for the area and judge whether it's all you hoped.

I also use it to reminice about my old stomping grounds in Edinburgh..checking out if my favourite drinking holes still exist!

Maybe I feel a bit more chilled than some of Street View's protesters because my house (and indeed town) is still off the radar and I still posess my privacy. The camera car has been seen in the area over the past year so maybe my humble abode will pop up soon who knows?

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Andy said...

I am such a bad blog reader! I just now saw this! (It's May.) I was poking around behind the scenes on my blog when I saw that you had linked to my blog. Oh well. Thanks for the mention.