Saturday, 6 February 2010

10 years of Gav & Lou

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the day The Mister and I first met. A decade ago I was doing a journalism course and went along to a classmates housewarming party. As a drunken student I took the obiligatory bottle of vodka but forgot a mixer. It was then a cute stranger with a bottle of lemonade made my aquaintance. 10 years on the strongest thing we drink now is a well brewed cup of tea.

He says I've given him wrinkles, I say he's made me fat.
Still, we are fairing not too badly thanks to lots of love and laughs.

Thank you Gavin !

We went for an afternoon drive and then out for a nice dinner to give 'his nibs' a break from cooking. He won't let me cook..I burn things (mostly myself!).


The Sunroom said...

Congratulations :-)

Samsara said...


Cecelia said...

Congrats! That's like 100 years to Patch! :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary! You make a cute couple.

Amanda Blog and Kiss said...

HAppy Decade-aversary! :)