Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Little Big Planet

The little fella above is my latest completed knit, and what a relief to have him finished at long last. He has been a work in progress for almost a year after the pattern by knit designer Alan Dart was in an issue of 'Simply Knitting' magazine.

His name is 'Sackboy' and for those not in the loop he is the hero of Media Molecule’s PlayStation3 game 'Little Big Planet'. It's a fantastic game with great graphics assimilating various textiles with Sackboy actually taking the form of a 'knitted' character.

So, I began this the week I got the magazine then got distracted by some other knitting project or other. This week I awoke it from its hibernating slumber with the intent of completing it by Valentine's Day for The Mister (a big fan of the game).

I'd done the head, body and legs so just had to finish his arms (bit fiddly) and sew in the zip (awkward). However the buttons I'd previously purchased for the eyes proved to be too small (arghh). After a button run to nearby haberdashers I finally got my act together and my Sackboy was 'born'.

The Mister seemed pretty chuffed with his gift (better late than never) and so I declare this a successful knit.

Pattern: free link on Ravelry here
Yarn: Sidar Click Chunky with wool.


Fizz14 said...

Yay! You got him finished! Looks great.

underdutchskies said...

He's way cute! Oh and the doll too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice job! He looks great.