Tuesday, 16 February 2010

From Russia With Love

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day, especially if you were fortunate to spend it with the one you love. Maybe you are still waiting on that special person to share your life with or maybe you are more than content going it alone. Maybe you are a cynic and view Valentines Day as a commercial ploy to emotionally blackmail consumers into measuring their love against the amount of money they spend.
I think everyday is a day good enough to celebrate love, but if theres a day with cards and gifts..to hell with it..I'll take them.
This was the Mister and I's eighth Valentine's Day together as a couple and over the years we have marked the day in various ways. Year One, we took our first ever trip away together and spent a wonderful weekend in a city we grew to love..Amsterdam. Other years have included flowers, chocolates, jewellery, a Playstation 2 and post it notes all over the house.
Now we are older and wiser..the romantic gestures are most definately still there but the need to spend shedloads of money no longer feels necessary (The Mister may disagree..I'm sure he wouldn't refuse a 50" TV upgrade). Besides the 'man in my life' always gets the gift just right.
The photo at the top of this post is my Valentine's gift from Gavin..isn't it beautiful?. It's a piece of Gzhel, which is Russian pottery. I collected wooden nesting dolls for years and since I ran out of space I only really collect special bits and pieces on the same theme. This piece entitled 'Gossips' is the perfect addition to my treasures...I really love it.
What did I get him? A Blu-ray disc of 'Gran Torino'...I still haven't quite got the hang of romantic gift buying..but he seemed happy enough.

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