Friday, 26 March 2010

Butterflies & Big Spiders

So, now as I write this post it is raining and has been for 2 days. However, when we did have that glimmer of hope that Spring was here and all was to be forever lovely..the Mister and I had a 'guid day oot'.

Yes, Tuesday past the sun was shining and having enjoyed our previous day at The Secret Bunker we opted to do something else fun. So we jumped in our motor 'Bella' and headed across the water to Edinburgh. Just off the city bypass is Edinburgh's Butterfly & Insect World and what a lovely little place it is. Having previously visited at the age of 9, I was glad to find it virtually unchanged (except perhaps for the stonking huge Dobbie's Garden centre next door).

You entered through the (well stocked and reasonably priced) gift shop and went into the immediate warmth of the greenhouses. It's a small place to visit but totally enchanting, like a tropical oasis. We found ourselves surrounded by greenery and butterflies of every colour and size fluttering around our heads. A running stream led into a pond which held the biggest koi carp I have ever seen and terrapins perching on the damp rocks. After taking in the sheer wonder of this room we headed onto the reptile and insect part of the building. My jaw dropped at the sight of a 16 ft python slowly slivering around its enclosure (we were told it only moved when it was hungry).
. Later there was a handling talk and we were allowed to hold a giant millipede (passed), a smaller python (which the Mister and I did) and a tarantula (I stood well back but The Mister had a go). The staff were mostly young but very chatty and very knowledgeable and their personable manner certainly added to our enjoyment of this place.



Tracy said...

I absolutely LOVE butterflies, thanks for posting these awesome pictures! Please visit me when you get a chance!

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

Barbie said...

yuk yuk yuk i hate snakes with a pppassion they terrify me . pete has held a huge albino python when we were in sri lanka .
belive it or not i have done this all by myself