Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Secret Bunker

It's been quiet on this blog I know but I'm here now and ready to fill you in on what I've been up to since last posting.

After shaking off that horrible cold which kept me out the loop well and truely for a couple of weeks I have been slowly catching up with all the little bitty things that failed to get done. I have completed a fair few simple knitty projects which I'll share with you in another post but for now let me tell you about 'fun stuff'

The Mister has been a saint (as always of course) taking care of me whilst I was laid up and so it was great to have some quailty time together over the past week with a couple of good days out in our motor 'Bella'.

First off he took me on a magical mystery tour and we ended up at 'Scotland's Secret Bunker'. An innocent looking farmhouse conceals Scotland's best kept secret for over 40 underground Nuclear Command Centre where central government and military commanders would have run the country had the world been attacked during the Cold War.

It was fascinating stuff descending 100ft down into a labyrinth of rooms resembling something out of an old James Bond.

(photo above by

It was a really interesting visit but perhaps more suitable for grown-ups rather than a place to take kids.. it was amazing to think that this underground place existed for years without most of us Fife residents being any the wiser.

We rounded off the day by a quick detour home to nearby coastal town Anstruther where we visited the R.N.L.I shop and then had (award winning) fish and chips overlooking the harbour.

I'll tell you about another good day out in my next post..............

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mildawg said...

Glad to hear you recovered. I cannot wait to see your knitting!