Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Happy 30th Bro


Today is my little brother's 30th birthday. The photo above was taken on the day of his Christening when he was a just few months old and I was 5. Thinking back to a snowy day in March of 1980, I remember my mum coming home from hospital with a wizened face little mite and not being too sure what to make of him. All I remember was he was a boring 'new toy' because he slept all the time and I used to try and rouse him by shaking the pram ('gently' of course) everytime my Mum was out of the room.

Despite the 4 year 11 month age gap, it wasn't long until Mark caught up with me in the height stakes and on holidays in the mid-80's we were often (much to my disgust) mistaken for twins.

However whilst I retained my petite stature...the boy kept growing (and growing!). At 6 ft 2, he towers over my dinky 4ft 6 ins. Height aside I am still most definitely his BIG sister and never hold back from telling him 'what's what'!

Me & my brother today.


Bellybarra said...

that was really nice . x

Cecelia said...

Awww...you were such a cute kid :)

mildawg said...

Happy belated birthday to him!

Samsara said...

Awww, that's a lovely picture of you with your brother! :)