Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Best Brand

On Monday night I travelled to Edinburgh with my chum Barbie to see Russell Brand's stand up show. The 'controversal' comedian's latest tour is named 'Scandelous', primarily after the 'Andrew Sachs debacle'. Let me explain for those living under a rock.. a few months ago, Brand along with fellow media 'personality' Jonathan Ross, left what the press called 'obscene' messages on Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs' answer phone during a radio broadcast.

Russell Brand resigned from the BBC as a result of the media onslaught but has used the situation to his own benefit and has come back in response with this show brimmed full of witty repoirtaire in his own unique style.
My sides literally ached from laughing and Barbie could barely draw breath.

After the show Russell came out to meet the audience in the theatre foyer...madness ensued.

Thankfully the bouncers took pity on me and ushered me into a quiet corner away from the mosh-pit. Just as I was about to give up waving my programme like an fanatic (it had suddenly dawned on me I was 33 not 13!!) Mr Brand parted the crowd (think Moses..Red Sea) and stopped to ask if I'd enjoyed the show. He signed my programme (I had stopped waving it by then) and planted a big smacker on my cheek. I got someone to take a photo on my mobile but was mortified that it came out an unrecognisable blurry mess. Darn.

Outside the theatre a woman I didn't know but had previously chatted to minutes before in aforementioned mosh-pit told me she had got me on her camera. she was kind enough to take the time to send me the pic...thank you Tracey!
Russell, despite his reputation came across polite and down to earth. I didn't feel at all patronised (being the little disabled lady I am) at him taking the time to speak with me...I think he just admired my eyeliner!!
Good night..big thank you to the Mister for buying me the tickets xx


Barbie said...

Poor Louise - what an ordeal!
I was her pal who said "go & get his autograph", not "snog the face off him".
I was left waiting in the foyer for half an hour having to make polite conversation with a security guard!
Is this sour grapes or what?
You bet it is !!!
Russell was fantastic. Thank god for Tena Lady, I've not laughed so much since Caroline said that she would like to do some belly dancing!
Love, Barbie.
PS Pete says thet as your "101 things to do in 1001 days" seems to have slowed down a bit, he will be happy to complete No 84 for you!

Littlelou said...

If Pete wants to go get a bikini wax..fair enough, haha. I had written about the Tena Lady but thought I'd edit out to spare your blushes.

Wendy said...

I'm so jealous! Across the pond here I don't get much exposure to the likes of Russell, but I love him all the same. One can't help but split a seam when he strolls onto the stage.

Samsara said...

Sounds like you had an amazing night! Great piccy by the way! :-D

The Wilk said...

So jealous! What does he smell like?

Littlelou said...

He smelt surprisingly nice..which is probably more than I did!! I did note his pleasant aroma as I imagined perhaps he would not be so fragrant..especially after prancing about on stage.