Friday, 27 February 2009

Winter Trees

We bought some new 'art' for the sitting room this week and I love it!!!
Since we moved into this place nearly 3 years ago we've gradually bought lots of things to make the 'house a home' so to speak, but the sitting room wall remained bare...until now. We considered a mirror for the space above the sideboard..but no. We looked at endless prints, but nothing seemed right (well nothing below £500!!!).

I'd seen this a while back but thought it maybe a bit pricey at the time, but the Mister recently spotted it discounted. Gotta admire that man..he is a remarkable bargin hunter.

It's titled 'Winter Trees' and has a fabulous 3D effect. It's more of a sculpture than a picture, constructed from some kind of metal that has a limed finish which gives a rustic untreated look. I tried my hand at welding once upon a time and in my head this is what I would have been proud to come up with...if only.

3 comments: said...

That's so cool looking!

Andy Baker said...

I like it a LOT - and I'm one who always has something snarky to say about people's art. Good for you. It looks like you've got some interesting things.

the dutch purple rabbit said...

i like those threes also.
thank you for saying such nice things. I'm knitting so I feel much better already.
I'm also working on a quilt and have doubts about edding a part or not. So keep following my blog and I now i gonna follaw yours anyway.