Thursday, 5 February 2009

I'm No Square

Not only is the Mister knitting but we now have his mum back clicking her knitting needles after a long absence. Cold and early dark nights found her spending more time indoors and bored in front of the TV each evening. Having grown tired of her word search books we encouraged her to keep it simple and perhaps try and 'knit one or two squares' towards a blanket for charity.

Within no time the Mister's Mother (as she will now be known throughout future blog posts) had rattled up over 20 squares..enough for a full blanket.

'Big mouth' here offered to sew up the squares and after a few hours stitching, the blanket was complete and the Mister's Mother was very pleased with the result. Touched to learn that her efforts will keep a child in a worn torn country (in need of aide) warm she is continuing to knit many more squares.
The Mister meanwhile has racked up another charity blanket of his own and there are more scarves in the pipeline.

My knitting? I will update you soon...honest.


Andy Baker said...

I'm thinking of doing a blanket, but it's that sewing up that makes me nervous. I love that cold children inspire her. I need some inspiration. Fred won't even pretend to knit any more, but at least he gave it a shot.

Wendy said...

hee-hee, see what a little encouragement will get you! a lot of sewing up! but it sounds like a great project for your mil! what a way to get your whole family into the knitting craze.
btw... i've nominated you for an award... check out my blog for the details.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Louise!
I've had the surgery, and have been home since 17 November 2008.
Sorry I've not been on internet much, I've been a bit tired.
Thank you for 2 cards last year and an email recently - I love ya, girl!
Now, I've got to go back in your blog to October and read since then.

Write you soon,
David Paterson.