Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bella vs.Beast

Now the worst of the winter weather is behind us (hopefully..have I just jinxed it?) our new car Bella well and truly needed a wash.

Here is the Mister hard at it. I was still indoors in my pj's with a lovely hot cup of tea..oops!

The photo was taken through the window..hence the glare.

Also indoors was pampered pooch, Patch. He was a little bit put out that his papa was giving more attention to that of the four wheeled variety instead of the four pawed.
You can't quite catch the contemptuous look he is giving Bella as he perches on the (badly scratched!) windowsill staring out.
Patch doesn't have much love for our new motor yet. He gets a bit anxious travelling. We are hoping to get him car trained quite soon so we can all look forward to trips to the seashore this summer.

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mildawg said...

I hear you on the winter weather and carwashing. As soon as the sun comes out and it's above freezing, I get to go and clean the vehicle...