Saturday, 9 January 2010

Souper Day Out

As you have probably summised (wherever you are in the world)..we are still getting snow here in the UK. Fife is not the coldest part of Scotland luckily..but it's still pretty darn cold being below freezing most days and rumoured (I don't know for sure) to be as low as -12C at night. There is a small densly in habited part of the Highlands, a place called Altnaharra that was cold as the South Pole...brrrrrrrr!

My new camera has not seen much outdoor it's just too cold for me to stay outside long enough to compose a decent photo. The strange picture above (I like to call it 'arty' was taken from a moving car.

We took a country drive the other day whilst the roads were clear. The intention was to visit knitwear designer Di Gilpin's new bothy studio at her home in Largoward but when we eventually found it there was no-one around. Ah well, her loss..I had money for yarn!

On the way home we stopped off at Blacketyside Farm Shop near Leven. Having passed it previously on the bus it was really nice just to have the option to stop and nose around.

As it was lunchtime we headed for the cafe and had a great bowl of homemade soup.

I had the chunky vegetable option which was delicious and the Mister plumped for the tomato which he rated a 9/10! High praise indeed.
The wholemeal soda bread that accompanied the soup was also extremely tasty.

He was too embarassed to be seen taking my photo in the cafe.(spoilsport)..maybe just as well!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the perfect way to spend a snowy day.