Thursday, 14 January 2010 2 & 3

The snow has thawed now and there are only small traces left..but it's still cold so I will continue with my theme...


2. Online Shopping

Warning, this can be a dangerously addictive pastime but, if like me you love to find a good bargain...very fruitful.

My best buy in the January sales was this pair of real leather boots from French Connection.
I'd seen them before Christmas and had considered buying them then but I just couldn't justify the £140 price tag at the time.

So, imagine my delight when I managed to pick up a pair on Amazon at just £42!!! (big smile!!). They still have the pre-sale price on the box...I saved £98. That I like.

I didn't plan on taking the photo of a boot/dog combo. I think Patch was desperately vying for my attention. He is giving his pathetic face...don't let it fool ya.

3. Knitting..of course.

Sometimes you just long for a cold wet day to give you the perfect excuse to curl up with a hot cuppa and indulge in some quaility knitting time.

I have completed my first knitting project of 2010 (FO in 'knit-speak' in 'Finished Object').

I'm pleased to report I have knitted my first shawl..albeit a small and simple one. The pattern is 'SIMPLE THINGS SHAWLETTE' by Ravelry's own Mary-Heather Cogar. It took just over 50g of 4ply sock wool.

The hardest part was blocking it..I've never blocked anything before but I'm really pleased with the result.

Nice scarf..shame about the face (too much Rocky Road


Fizz14 said...

Lovely shawly scarf and well done on the bargain-hunting boots!

Anonymous said...

Love both the scarf and the boots!