Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Finished Cardi..Thinking of Socks

Finished that cardi at last..7 days from start to finish because I just haven't either had the time or the inclination to do it any quicker. Sewing up is such a drag but I love ..love..love the buttons which unfortunately you can't see very well. they are lovehearts with 'hug me' and 'sweetheart' written on.
Naggy old moan of the day: Did my volunteer shift at the hospital cafe today which was good. However, the stench of the sickly stovies clings to your clothes and skin...spew! Also, why is it that the pensioners generously put money in the charity box yet the sports car driving consultants are willing to wait on their 1p change?
The man and the mutt have abandoned me this evening. The man is on his PS3 and the mutt is curled up in his donut bed. Maybe, in spite of a shower I STILL smell of those stovies!!

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