Sunday, 12 August 2007

Knitting Frenzy?

Here I am once again. Been getting myself in a knitting frenzy!! Knocked off a couple more cardis..after trying to complete one a week. I don't know exactly who I'm knitting them for and my Fiance thinks I'm nuts but people are always having babies ain't they? I just find it very theraputic and enjoy the fact that I have an end product to look at and be proud of.

My wee pal Maisie (aged 5 and a half months) loves her cardis from Auntie Lou and has been the envy of many at Mother & Toddlers so I'm told. I knitted one for one of her playmates and got a lovely card and photo of baby Finlay sporting his new knit (with lovely kind words from his mum).

New nephew in law Adam born 31st July received little baby cardi and beanie hat..hope it fits!

I also just found out yesterday that one of my best and oldest friends is gonna have her first baby in March and is welcoming the knits. Congrats Joanna and Hugh!! Fab news!

Not much stuff to nag about as all is good at the mo and not letting anything get me down. I even managed to visit my mum today for a few hours without it spiralling into the usual mutal nit picking. She had looked out some patterns for me, I think she reckons i have gone baby cardi mad too and suggested I try a jumper instead, haha.

Anniversary today..Fiance Gavin and I have been engaged for 3 years. He bought me some pretty earrings. I didn't get him anything...ooops!

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Penny said...

Hi Aunty Louise, I love my cardi's you kindly knitted for me, I am still wearing them 6 months on, they are growing and stretching with me, any mummy hasn't even shrunk any yet!! see you soon, love always Maisie xxx