Friday, 17 August 2007

Stripey Knit In Progress

Began yet another baby cardi on Wednesday. I'm a slow knitter (I get side-tracked by trash TV and pause too much mid row then forget what row I'm on..doh!). I've knitted the back, 2 fronts and half a sleeve so far. The wool is a lovely lilac colour with oddments for the stripes.

I usually use arcylic wool as its easy washed and softer on ickle bitty baby skin. Most of my wool is very inexpensive and bought from's surprisingly good quality and £2 for 4 x 50g balls. I have also recently bought some from Semi-chem and some more luxurious stuff online from (great postage rates!)
Moany old nag for the day: I've got stomach cramps..sometimes its hard to be a woman.


Sarah said...

Welcome to Blog World, I saw your comment on Janey's blog and thought I'd pop in and say Hi.

I took up knitting at the end of last year and started blogging soon after and the blogging and the knitting grew and grew and are now total obsessions!

Great work on all the cardis you have made and hope your pooch is fine after his brush with the bee.

Jo028 said...

Hi, I saw your comment to & thought I'd also say hello & welcome to blogland.

Janey said...

Hi Lou, thanks for visiting my blog and welcome to the Blogosphere!

You wait, it won't be long before you're coveting expensive yarn like Posh Yarn or becoming addicted to socks like the rest of us!

I haven't been blogging long either but visiting other people's blogs make you realise how many projects you want to do and just how much yarn you REALLY REALLY do need!!