Monday, 6 August 2007

Almost Forgot..I'm A Blogger!!

I began this blog and then forgot all about it..that is a great example of my scatty brain at work..or not at work should I say? Okay, I'm back..have been busy knitting inbetween all the other stuff that has to be done. The extent of my knitting skills at the moment is baby cardigans..I have one pattern I can follow without having to phone my mum for help!! It is very plain but I have knitted it in every colour imaginable with stripes and every variety of novelty button ever created (okay slight exaggeration!). A few friends have had babies over the last year and its an original and personal baby gift. My pal Penny is especially kind about my knits and really appreciates the cardis for her little girl Maisie.

We were (my other half and I) at little Maisie's christening yesterday. She looked like a little doll and watching her made the hour and 20 min service almost bearable..almost.

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