Tuesday, 14 August 2007

My Mutt And My Man

Life here in not so sunny Kirkcaldy certainly has it's ups and downs. Yesterday for example Gavin was working away in the garden..(which is 'blooming' lovely these days) when our daft mutt Patch decided to eat a bee. The pooch swelled up like a balloon with some sort of allergic reaction and had to be rushed to the vets (we are talking dog version of John Merrick here!!). Needless to say after a jab and a hefty vet bill Patchy Boy is milking it for all he's worth!!

On a happier note Gavin has decided to embark upon a adventurous feat. The daft sod is going to abseil off the Forth Rail Bridge in aid of Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland. It's a charity often sidelined but very close to our hearts as Gavin's mum has suffered from strokes in the past. I'd be most grateful if you'd take a look at his fundraising page..you will at the very least get a laugh at his cheesy photo.
www.justgiving.com/gavinwilliamson (click on link)

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Hawkesley said...

Ooh I hope Patch is now fully recovered after his bee eating experience?!! Naughty Patch! :-)