Thursday 30 August 2007

My Gorgeous Boys!!

Not much to write about on the knitting front today, currently working on yet another baby cardi..what else?
I thought I would take the time however to post this pic of my man and mutt...aren't they a pair? I haven't been feeling a 100% lately and they have proved to be quite the tonic. I love them both to bits.

Saturday 25 August 2007

Baby Socks.

I knitted some baby socks the other night whilst watching one of our dvd rentals. The name of the film escapes me..some terrible chick flick with Jennifer Love Hewitt in. It was bottom of our internet rental list so of course it was the one they sent!! I guess that was my moany old nag of the day..back to my socks!! The lilac ones are to match the baby cardi I not long finished. Having lots of red DK I then used the same pattern to rustle up some little Xmas stockings. I'm thinking of stitching names on for Maisie and Adam as it will be their first Christmas. You never can prepare too early for the festive creeps up on you before you know it, don't you agree?

Tuesday 21 August 2007

Finished Cardi..Thinking of Socks

Finished that cardi at last..7 days from start to finish because I just haven't either had the time or the inclination to do it any quicker. Sewing up is such a drag but I love the buttons which unfortunately you can't see very well. they are lovehearts with 'hug me' and 'sweetheart' written on.
Naggy old moan of the day: Did my volunteer shift at the hospital cafe today which was good. However, the stench of the sickly stovies clings to your clothes and skin...spew! Also, why is it that the pensioners generously put money in the charity box yet the sports car driving consultants are willing to wait on their 1p change?
The man and the mutt have abandoned me this evening. The man is on his PS3 and the mutt is curled up in his donut bed. Maybe, in spite of a shower I STILL smell of those stovies!!

Monday 20 August 2007

Do You Need A Scarf In August?

The last couple of days I have spent my time on the computer reading other people's blogs and have found them most interesting. As I have said before I am keen to get knitty pals so I can chat about wool and patterns (or my fetish for novelty buttons!). I am slightly intimidated by the wonderful knits I have viewed and some of the knit lingo I have read but..hey..its a learning process, right?

I have posted a picture of one of my recent knits..a real wool scarf. The wool is Silkwood chunky 100% wool and cost £8.00 a skein (of which I used 2). I made up the simple pattern myself and must admit I'm rather pleased with the outcome. I'm hoping to enter it in the village show in September (it's a very small village so I may stand a small chance of a place).

Friday 17 August 2007

Stripey Knit In Progress

Began yet another baby cardi on Wednesday. I'm a slow knitter (I get side-tracked by trash TV and pause too much mid row then forget what row I'm on..doh!). I've knitted the back, 2 fronts and half a sleeve so far. The wool is a lovely lilac colour with oddments for the stripes.

I usually use arcylic wool as its easy washed and softer on ickle bitty baby skin. Most of my wool is very inexpensive and bought from's surprisingly good quality and £2 for 4 x 50g balls. I have also recently bought some from Semi-chem and some more luxurious stuff online from (great postage rates!)
Moany old nag for the day: I've got stomach cramps..sometimes its hard to be a woman.

Tuesday 14 August 2007

My Mutt And My Man

Life here in not so sunny Kirkcaldy certainly has it's ups and downs. Yesterday for example Gavin was working away in the garden..(which is 'blooming' lovely these days) when our daft mutt Patch decided to eat a bee. The pooch swelled up like a balloon with some sort of allergic reaction and had to be rushed to the vets (we are talking dog version of John Merrick here!!). Needless to say after a jab and a hefty vet bill Patchy Boy is milking it for all he's worth!!

On a happier note Gavin has decided to embark upon a adventurous feat. The daft sod is going to abseil off the Forth Rail Bridge in aid of Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland. It's a charity often sidelined but very close to our hearts as Gavin's mum has suffered from strokes in the past. I'd be most grateful if you'd take a look at his fundraising will at the very least get a laugh at his cheesy photo. (click on link)

Sunday 12 August 2007

Knitting Frenzy?

Here I am once again. Been getting myself in a knitting frenzy!! Knocked off a couple more cardis..after trying to complete one a week. I don't know exactly who I'm knitting them for and my Fiance thinks I'm nuts but people are always having babies ain't they? I just find it very theraputic and enjoy the fact that I have an end product to look at and be proud of.

My wee pal Maisie (aged 5 and a half months) loves her cardis from Auntie Lou and has been the envy of many at Mother & Toddlers so I'm told. I knitted one for one of her playmates and got a lovely card and photo of baby Finlay sporting his new knit (with lovely kind words from his mum).

New nephew in law Adam born 31st July received little baby cardi and beanie hat..hope it fits!

I also just found out yesterday that one of my best and oldest friends is gonna have her first baby in March and is welcoming the knits. Congrats Joanna and Hugh!! Fab news!

Not much stuff to nag about as all is good at the mo and not letting anything get me down. I even managed to visit my mum today for a few hours without it spiralling into the usual mutal nit picking. She had looked out some patterns for me, I think she reckons i have gone baby cardi mad too and suggested I try a jumper instead, haha.

Anniversary today..Fiance Gavin and I have been engaged for 3 years. He bought me some pretty earrings. I didn't get him anything...ooops!

Monday 6 August 2007

Almost Forgot..I'm A Blogger!!

I began this blog and then forgot all about it..that is a great example of my scatty brain at work..or not at work should I say? Okay, I'm back..have been busy knitting inbetween all the other stuff that has to be done. The extent of my knitting skills at the moment is baby cardigans..I have one pattern I can follow without having to phone my mum for help!! It is very plain but I have knitted it in every colour imaginable with stripes and every variety of novelty button ever created (okay slight exaggeration!). A few friends have had babies over the last year and its an original and personal baby gift. My pal Penny is especially kind about my knits and really appreciates the cardis for her little girl Maisie.

We were (my other half and I) at little Maisie's christening yesterday. She looked like a little doll and watching her made the hour and 20 min service almost bearable..almost.

Thursday 2 August 2007

My First Blog!

Hello People,
This is my very first blog and I am blogging blind here! I don't know what I'm doing or what I'm going to write but I'm sure once I get going there will be no stopping me.
I guess I should perhaps introduce myself..I'm Louise, I'm 32 and live in Fife, Scotland. I live with my man and my mutt..I dunno who's more demanding but I love them both to bits!! I live my life at a somewhat sedate pace these days due to a few health problems. I've become a mad knitter, always clicking away with my pins but alas my skills in this area are somewhat limited. I'm hoping perhaps this blog thang will put me in touch with more knit-wits like myself!
Anybody out there??