Monday 22 October 2007

Charity Abseil

I am so proud of my other half as today he abseiled off the Forth Rail Bridge for charity and raised over £200 for Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland. We got to South Queensferry bang on time after some traffic delays and before I barely had time to wish him luck he was all harnessed up and ready to go. He took it very much in his stride and seemed to enjoy the experience. It was a lovely day with views across the Forth.

Friday 19 October 2007

Put A Sock In It

Last Friday I received my package from ModernKnitting (formally known as Cnyttanpatterns) cotaining 5 balls of lovely Opal 4ply and a set of DPNs. Having previously bought Opal sock wool and knitted up a couple of hats (I hope you're wearing yours Mum!) I was eager but nervous about trying socks. At first 4 double ended needles seemed like madness but you soon get in the swing of it as I learnt. I finished my first pair of sockies last night and think they look 'fair braw'. The self patterning wool knits up so nice. Well chuffed!!

So much Have I got the hang of it I have even knocked up half a sock of a pink pair just this afternoon.

TOOT TOOT! That's the sound of me blowing my own trumpet!

Saturday 6 October 2007

Catching The Ravelry Bug?

Okay, I've gone and done it! I've signed up for Ravelry after much umming and ahhing. I still think perhaps it's for serious knitters, well by that I mean people with a bit more skill than I.

You signed up Today
You are #40467 on the list.
15758 people are ahead of you in line.
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59% of the list has been invited so far

I also did a fly bit of wool shopping after falling in love with my Opal 4ply wool. The other half asked how many balls I'd ordered..I said "a couple"..infact it was 5! My first knit addict fib..oops! He just laughs at previous weakness was purchasing novelty buttons on this.

Now, I am so bored..nothing on TV (and I watch almost anything!)..other half on a killing spree on his Play Station 3 and Patch the Pooch and I are just chilling. I feel another bout of hat knitting may occur!

Tuesday 2 October 2007

Hats Off To Knitting!!

Okay I'm finally getting my ass into gear and doing this post..hooray! Is there such a thing as a LAZY blogger award? Every time I do sit at the P.C I seem to get sidetracked by the evil that is Facebook..does anyone else have this problem? Getting in touch with people you haven't seen for years..good times. If you were true friends why would you have lost touch in the first place?...hmm..bad times! Still it is natures curiosity that we see how bad/good each others lives have turned out. The school geek whos now stunning and successful, the teen princess whos now 20 stone with 5 ugly kids!! What do people make of me I wonder? Do I care? The mere fact I have mentioned it surely means I do..ah well!

Let's knit! I went to a local shop called Rejects last week and lo and behold it has the greatest knitting department. I have already told my other half vouchers for xmas would be most favourable, haha. I got the tank top pattern I was after..though omitted the patterned stitching on it in favour of stripes. The colours I like but the knit not so much. Next time I would make the rib broader and I think I need more practise at picking up stitches around the neck. The neck hole is a bit big heids for this knit!!

Through the post last week I received my order from Violet Green. The first time using this particular company but highly recommended. I bought some lovely purpley DK wool, some sock wool amd a 4ply beanie hat kit that comes with wool, pattern, circular needle and stitch marker. This was a new venture for me having never used circular needles before and I made a bit of a boo boo at first. I STUPIDLY kept turning the needle around instead of going round and thick is that? Anyway once I saw the error of my ways I soon got cracking. It was Opal 4ply and lovely to watch this self patterning wool develop. Heres some pics of my hat...I've a feeling it may become first hat in a series!!