Thursday 29 October 2009

Staying In

October is almost over..crikey! Is staying in the new going out..if not it should be.
I have hardly been out the door lately as its been cold and wet. I'm kind of over obsessing about not catching a cold as it inevitably turns into a chest infection for me which is no fun at all. Swine flu cases are few in this area but there have been some fatalities..another reason I'm semi-hibernating. 20,000 people in Scotland have contracted Swine flu..with no sign of a decrease in figures yet.
Some people may say 'if you're going to get something, you'll get it no matter what precautions you take'...which is fair enough. Like I said..I'm probably over-obsessing but with only 26% lung capacity even a common cold is a full on drama.

Still staying in has its good points too...lots of knitting, tea drinking, lying in bed curled up with the dog, catch up TV, wearing cosy handknitted socks, reading Crime novels, writing letters and thinking of making soup (I haven't got round to actually making it yet).

Happy Halloween for tomorrow folks.

Saturday 17 October 2009


Outside..the sky is clear and the sun is shining but it's COLD. The mutt and I have been our daily stroll and are now happy to be in the warm. That dog likes his comforts and is currently sprawled on my bed under a wee blanket (despite having not 1 but 2 dog beds scattered around the house!).
So..colder days and darker nights mean more knitting time I think.

My latest project only took me a few days to knit, stuff and sew up. I was happy with that quick turnaround..I love it when I actually finish something!!!

Meet Pudsey Bear..for those of you who may not recognise this sunny coloured chap he is the mascot for 'Children In Need' charity telethon here in the UK. The pattern was in the latest issue of Simply Knitting magazine and is by Alan Dart. My Pudsey stands at 7 inches tall and I've plenty of yellow yarn left so he may well get some friends.

Children In Need day is on Friday 20th November and this year marks its 30th anniversay. Last year the telethon raised over £20million.

Monday 12 October 2009

Collector Or Hoarder?

The Mister is minimalist..I am not. The question is am I a collector of things or just a hoarder of ANYTHING? Looking around this room I can't quite decide. This is just one corner of our spare room..where I'm permitted free-reign with 'my stuff' and as you can see I have taken full advantage of that. Some of the collections of items are surely those that every home has...books, dvds, cds and some are personal to me. The wall shelves in the above photo are a kind of non-collection..just little bits and pieces gathered along the way.

This is possibly where the hoarding factor comes in..I'm kind of over sentimental about worthless

Prime example: my Krankies button badge that I got from the Scottish comedy duo when I went to see their show and was one of the kids who got to go on stage. It was my 10th birthday...yup it's a pretty old badge..haha.

One of my collections has spilled over into the Russian dolls. They are housed in a small cabinet (only half of which can be seen in the photo) and are often admired by visitors.

I've stopped collecting for now as the cabinet is full but still love matryoshka related items from banks to buttons. I even have a Russian Doll cocktail shaker.

Most of my collections just sort of happen. Thankfully none of them cost too much as most I've bought from ebay or car-boot sales and some are presents.
What do you collect?

Friday 9 October 2009

All About Knitting

Ta-da! My mitered square blanket in its completion. I will be sad to see this go as its my first blanket and so colourful but happy to know it should find a good and worthy home via MacMillian Cancer Support. The 40 squares (and way too much sewing up) have produced a single bed sized throw..definately big enough to keep someone warm this winter.

As you can see there was no set colour pattern..just a case of using up all the little pieces of yarn cluttering up my stash. However, now if I were to go out and see a brightly coloured ball of wool..I think I'd snap it up for blanket number 2!!

My Knit Club are currently working on projects to send to Project Peru..a charity that supports children in shelters over there. Our first batch of knitted donations were so greatly appreciated that we have been moved to knit more.

Inbetween squares I managed to complete a tank top in James Brett Marble Dk. My photos dont do the yarn justice but its really beautiful, soft and wait for it...acrylic! Before all you yarn snobs recoil in horror check it out for'll be surprised at its wool-like texture and smooshiness.

I found it at Diane's Knitting Yarns for only £1.50 for 100g and this 28inch chest vest only took 200g.

I've another one on the needles now...after that maybe I will get my Xmas gifts started!!!!!

Other news..
The Knit Camp 2010 kitty is slowly building and I have booked my accomodation. I was disappointed when informed by camp organisers that their accomodation bookings could only be booked for the full 6 days. I wasn't sure if I could cope with being away from home that long (for health reasons and of course because I'd miss my Mister!). Anyhoo, the self catering digs are off campus and I wanted to be nearer the hub of splashed out a little and booked myself into the Stirling Management Centre. I hear it's where the tutors are staying so maybe I can smooze for a few extra knitting tips over the breakfast table..haha.

Saturday 3 October 2009

Duvets and Dvds

Fear not fellow bloggers (and of course non-blogging readers), I'm still in the land of the living and though not much to report, my knitting needles are still clacking. Update soon.

Hope you are having a good's very windy outdoors here in Fife so I'm staying in.
Duvets and dvds await.