Saturday 29 August 2009

Charity Knits

It seems to me I do an awful lot of knitting for charity and perhaps not enough knitting for myself (infact no finished knitting for myself!). I'm not trying to pat myself on the back..the truth being that the charity knits are easy (a.k.a 'idiot-proof') and perfect for doing whilst watching TV or dvds. I watch a lot of dvds...hence the the high production of knitted items for the charities.

My knit club have just sent a huge box of knits to the Raven's Trust, a Scottish based charity which ships all kinds of aide to the needy in Malawi. Amongst the vast haul we gathered together were about half a dozen baby cardis I did some time ago (pictured on the right).

I've also knitted up quite a few kiddies Dulaan jumpers over the past few months..they are quick and easy and ever so cute.

My mum is now knitting them too!

My knit club recently decided to knit squares for an appeal launched by The Knitter magazine & MacMillian Cancer Support .Having previously knitted some mitered squares (after seeing them over on Liz's blog) I have decided to see if I can tot up 40 to complete a blanket. So far I've done's proving great for stash busting purposes.
I'm loving all the bright colours..infact I'm growing rather fond of this forming blankie. I can't keep something I intended for a good cause so I will just have to do another one for myself later. I manage a square (or near enough) per dvd watched...I think I knitted up 2 re-watching 'The Sound Of Music''s a long movie.

We've still got 'Australia' to watch..148 mins of movie= another 2 squares?

Thursday 27 August 2009

Needs Must?

I need to moan.
  • I need some motivation
  • I need to go and get myself a long overdue haircut
  • I need to take my Mister out for a nice meal to thank him for taking care of me
  • I need to get an outfit for a wedding I'm attending in Sept
  • I need to keep my wool stash under control..and in one place.
  • I need to give clothes I don't wear to charity

That's just a few things on my TO DO list for the next week or so..I'll get back to you and let you know what I've done ..but for now..

  • I need some chocolate!

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Knit Camp 2010

This post is purely for knitters in the know...or those who want to be. You have been warned!

Yes, surely if you have ever bashed two needles together with a bit yarn inbetween you will have heard by now about Knit Camp 2010. If not..where have you been? Sit back..let me tell ya.
In 1974, knitting guru Elizabeth Zimmerman (right)established the first knit camp in central Wisconsin (a tradition that is now carried on by her daughter, Meg Swansen).
Since I joined the international knitting forum that is Ravelry I have been intrigued by all the various camps which take place..but always it America.

Roll on 2010..Knit Camp comes to Scotland!!! I can hardly believe it..only about an hours drive from me. This event will take place in Stirling from 9th - 13th August 2010 (with 'Ravelry Day on the 14th) and is being organised by those at British Yarns.

So what happens? Well..Knit Camp 2010 will take over the whole of the Stirling University campus so that knitters from all over the globe can gather together and share their enthusiasm for the craft. There will be workshops from well-known knitting designers such as Jared Flood (pictured), Franklin Habit and Ysolda Teague (these are the only names I recognise from an extensive list..but I'm still learning about this kinda stuff!)

I'm hoping to stay over for at least a couple of nights and perhaps attend a workshop or two. The university accomodation is £45 a night and Jared Flood's workshop is apparantly £80!! With this and the obligitory stash building it's going to be an expensive few days. Thank goodness it's almost a year away...plenty of time to save up.

That my friends, is exactly what I have started's the proof.

How much raised so far?
The grand sum of £18 and 90 pence.
You gotta start somewhere right?

I'm going on my own but hoping to bump into lots of fellow Ravelry members and knitty bloggers.

Are you going? Hope so!

Thursday 13 August 2009

Book Worm

Having ploughed my way through the 14 books I got for Christmas (and a couple more I'd picked up along the way) I desperately needed to replenish my reading stock. I received regular mail from Bookpeople and upon seeing their summer sale decided to place an order.

Now I am all for quaility over quantity but was over the moon to scoop 19 paperbacks for a few pence over £25! Since Christmas I have been reading mainly biographies and decided this time to opt for some fiction. Amongst my haul is 10 tartan noir books by Fife-born crime writer Ian Rankin, WW1 trilogy by Pat Barker and Alice Walker's (The Color Purple) first novel.

The others I know nothing about apart from reading the small 2 line synopsis. The first I have chosen to read is entitled 'The Luminous Life Of Lilly Aphrodite' by Beatrice Colin. the back cover reads:
" Decadent, tantilizing Berlin in a Germany torn apart by war at the turn of the twentieth century...
The illegitimate, orphaned daughter of a cabaret dancer, Lilly Nelly Aphrodite's early life -and that of her friend Hanne- is one of reinvention. Transformed from maid to war bride via tingle tangle nightclub girl, she lands in the heart of the glamourous motion picture world and quickly becomes one of Germany's leading silent film stars"
The book reads more addictively than this synopisis..the style is really gripping.

15th August sees the beginning of Edinburgh International Book Festival..I'm hoping to get along for the day.

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Anniversary Flowers...for ME!

Today I was grumpy. After getting out of bed twice to answer the door..(I am not as they say a 'morning person') the door went a third time in the space of 30 mins. I was almost ready to combust! However, upon answering the door (still in my pj's of course), I was greeted by a lady with the most enormous bouquet of flowers I have ever seen...and they were for ME!!
Today marks the 5th anniversary of Gavin and I's engagement...he can be such a sweetie. He also had me made a special card and inside he wrote,

" Our wee story...6th February 2000 we first met,
7th November 2001 we became a proper couple,
12th August 2004 we got engaged.
The rest is still to be written..."

Can I just rub in how lucky I am once more?

The bouquet contained lilies, gladiolus, carnations, crysanthemums ,roses and had to split into 2 vases. The fragrance of the blooms fills the house.

Alas from me, the thoughtful hunk of gorgeousness got nothing (but my love). I may have to send out for a chinese takeaway tonight to relieve my guilt. They do say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach...let's hope it's true.