Saturday, 22 March 2008

Happy Easter


Whatever you are up to ,whether you are celebrating the religious holiday or just taking the opportunity of putting your feet up and scoffing as many Cream Eggs as you physically can..ENJOY!

Big cheers to Jesus for rolling that stone away from his tomb and thus giving us the tradition of rolling eggs in his memory because I am presently munching on a very lovely Malteasers Easter egg, and boy does it taste fab.

On the knitting front I have been shopping for wool again (it's a weakness). I bought some Patons Studio mohair DK for a pattern I was drawn to in the latest issue of Let's Knit magazine. The wool suggested was twice as expensive and as this is my first 'proper knit' for myself I didn't want to break the bank..besides I now find I will have to go and buy some 5mm circular needles. Who first suggested us Scots were tight? Well in this case they were spot on. Guilty!

After being sent some multi coloured wool from some lovely peeps on Ravelry I have done a couple of more knits for the Shoebox Appeal. These colourful items will then go onto kids in Eastern Europe along with essential items Gavin and I have adding in with our weekly shop.

I must admit after trying on this very basic but very bright scarf I have been tempted to keep it for myself but alas that would go against my do-gooder sense of ethics..ah well to Bulgaria or Albania it shall go!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Fed Up

I'm fed be warned this will be a very dull post. I don't know why I'm fed up which of course in turn makes me even more pissed off. I've got a gorgeous man who loves me, a beautiful dog who at long last seems like he is behaving and my health is at last at an adequate level. So what the hell am I moaning about?

One trivial thing for example: My long awaited issue of 'Let's Knit' magazine arrived today..even it didn't hold my attention for long. The "free" knitting needles were disappointing. I'm never really gonna use a 10mm needle I don't think. I just thought it seemed a crap gift when all the patterns in the mag required a 4mm needle or less.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Mother's Day & Knitting

Hope all you Momma's out there had a 'Happy Mother's Day'! I spent the afternoon with my mum doing a bit of retail therapy (it wasn't that theraputic to be honest!). We went back to mine for a lovely dinner (cooked by my equally delious other half) before Mum set off on her 3 bus rides journey home (its only 26 miles!). Thanks for making the effort Mum..I hope you enjoy watching your '101 Dalmations' dvd I gave you. I bet the Cherry Liquer chocolates have been scoffed already, haha.

I have no kids of my own but I have a gorgeous dog and a very thoughtful fiance. Between them they conspired and Patch gave his 'human mama' a card and gift..who am I to complain? The parcel contained a little talking plush of the great wee guy from the recent Corsa car adverts..C'MON!!! Not forgetting a box of scrummy Ferrero Rocher choccies...mmm.

To say I was touched is an understatement.

On the knitting front, I decided to use up some little odds and ends of wool and knitted up a gingerbread man toy and few hats for
premature babies. These will be sent onto 'Loving Hands', a local knitting group who distribute members knits to various charities. The hats are so quick too knit as they are teeny!!! I have yet to attend one of the groups meetings but if you are a knitter check out their site as they always welcome new members wherever they're from.