Sunday 24 April 2011

Married Now...eeeek

******WE ARE MARRIED******

Just a quick snapshot taken on a mobile phone, hopefully more photos soon. We had a beautiful day. Fantastic being man & wife....and a great party to boot. More news soon..once I

Wednesday 13 April 2011

10 days til Showtime

Sorry folks, keep meaning to update my blog..just never seem to get round to it. So many distractions...knitting, Ravelry, Facebook..oh then of course there is 'real life' and our wedding. Yes, unbelievably it's only 10 days until Gavin & I tie the knot..time has flown by. Thankfully we are pretty organised so not too much to worry about...just a few I pick my dress up this Friday. I have completed my wedding knitty projects. All is good. Well almost..The Mister has been suffering some pretty serious eye problems and has been diagnosed with Reoccurring Corneal Erosion causing him quite a bit of discomfort and a few trips to the eye clinic. Wedding eyepatch jokes have been made (poor lamb).