Thursday, 20 May 2010

Okay, it's time for me to share with you what I bought at the Knit Fair in Perth. Well, to be truthful I didn't buy a lot because I am saving all my yarn purchasing kudos for when I go to Knit Camp in Stirling this August. However....

I did buy a whole kilo of James Brett Marble Chunky because despite its acrylicness its beautifully soft and smoochy and the colours are wonderful. I bought the blue colourway as it reminds me of the beach...water, sky and sandy hues.

It was a bargain at £15 too.

There is enough in this pack to knit perhaps 2 jumpers...I need to check out some simple patterns.
At the British Yarns stall I bought some wool..yes REAL wool from sheepies. It's a Shetland 4ply in 2 very nice greeny shades that remind me of tweedy jackets often worn with kilts.

I did buy 4 balls but alas I must have dropped one on the train.
I tried not to cry too much but thanked the yarn gods that it was not my 'prize' buy I lost.

Ohh so now you are perhaps wondering what that may be?

Okay..I'll share..
It's a skein of lovely, lovely Colinette Jitterbug in the brightest colourway I have ever seen. It's called 'Mardi Gras' and I feel some party socks may be required from this. Any pattern suggestions?
Of course at £9.95 it wasn't really within the days planned budget (and I have a heap of sock yarn in my stash already!) but imagine my surprise when I opened my packed lunch to find this little letter and a £10 note from my beloved.

Isn't he a star because not only did he prepare my delicous sandwiches (I was in a rush as usual)
but he funded my yarn habit. He's a keeper for sure xxx

Monday, 17 May 2010

On Saturday I attended 'Scotland's Only Knitting Show' in Perth with some members of my local knit club. We took the 45 minute train ride from Kirkcaldy to Perth then hopped on the free shuttle bus which took us up to Perth Racecourse where the event was held.

The knit fair is in it's third year, the location is great, the sellers fantastic but it hasn't really grown much since year one which is slightly disappointing. It is run by the machine knitter's guild so initially the emphasis was on machine knitting and although there are now more merchants catering for us hand knitters there seems something still lacking. I would have perhaps like to have seen more outside (it was a beautiful day albeit a teeny bit breezy) and perhaps even a bit of alfresco knitting going on. I think everyone was too busy filling their shopping bags to take a step back and just enjoy the day.

Also I forgot I had my camera with me (doh) until just before hastily I snapped a few shots. Let me show you some of the good bits.
Some pretty handspun yarn from Ripples

Yummy Noro yarn..that I fondled.

I also met Jo Watson from British Yarns. She is also the lady responsible for organising Knit Camp 2010 taking place here in Scotland this summer.

It was really nice to met her in person as I am so excited about attending the event in Stirling this August. I've been saving all my pennies for this, hence the reason I resisted all the lovely yarn shouting my name at this fair.

I'll share with you in my next post what I DID buy and maybe the knitters amongst you can help me decide what to knit with it.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Normal service will resume shortly!!