Thursday 12 January 2012

2012..knitty dilemma

Hand knit from a lovely friend
After rearranging and sifting through the chaos that is my yarn cupboard I made a pact with myself that future knits would be:
  1. Mainly for myself (I've knitted a lot for charity and as gifts but not much for me)
  2. Well executed, finished and sewn up before another is cast on
  3. Using yarn only from my stash...or bought from proceeds of destashing.
However, it's 12 days into 2012 and I have not cast on my first knitting project for this year yet. What's wrong with me? I have not lost my knitting mojo I am merely being indecisive..but it's driving me crazy.

Last Autumn I bought 5 balls of Patons Wool Blend DK.."enough to knit myself a sweater", I told myself at the time. It was an impulsive buy..I didn't have a pattern in mind but the 'sale' ticket was too difficult to walk by. The total price tag was less than £18.
The yarn is  a really nice shade of airforce blue with a tweedy fleck about it and being merely a wool 'blend' it is machine washable (and not too itchy!).

Hours and hours (and days and days) of browsing patterns on Ravelry have shown me that my bargain buy may have been a phrase my husband often quotes.. 'a false economy'. All the patterns I favour are knitted in Worsted not DK...ahhh.

So my question is do I go out and buy some worsted yarn or keep hunting for a DK pattern?

Happy 2012 by the way!!!