Sunday 28 December 2008

Post Xmas Post

Well folks, Christmas has been and gone for another year. How did yours fair? Mine, fortunately was without tears or tantrums so all was good. Gavin cooked dinner for 5 as we were joined by my mum, my brother and his fiancee. He did a brilliant job and even did the dishes as he went along. Have I got myself a brilliant man or what?

I, being the pampered princess that I am got oodles of gifts. Some of them are so cool I will share their wonderfulness with you in a future post. Think kitch!

I did promise a knit related post before Xmas but time slipped away from me. So I shall get on with it now and show you the two Christmas knitty gifts I managed to get done this year.
First, is a little knitted panda for J (my bro's fiancee). I knew she liked pandas and I wanted to show her I regarded her as part of the family by taking the time to make her a handmade gift (as well as her Xmas pressies from me and the Mister). She seemed really pleased.
Looks like Panda's gone to a good home.

It was knitted from a Jean Greenhowe pattern.

The second Xmas knit was for my mum who had been harping on at me for ages to knit her something (but possibly never imagining I ever would actually get round to it!). My mum is a support worker at an Agricultural college so 'wellie socks' seemed just the thing.
It was also my first attempt at cable so my mum was quite proud to be the receiptant of this successful knit venture. The pattern is called 'Rugged Rambler' and was printed in 'Simply Knitting' magazine. It was surprisingly easy and knitted on 2 needles with a discreet seam.

I will start my xmas knitting earlier next year!

Okay..enough for now, I need my bed! Be back soon xxx

Monday 22 December 2008

Still Here!

I'm still alive! I did so mean to do regular blog posts but have slipped up already. My excuse as ever is the latest installment of 'ailment of the week'. This week sees Louise with an inner ear and tonsil virusy thang. Antibiotics over Christmas...joyous noel. Alas, no Crimbo Lambrusco for this little missy!

Expect a knit related post with pictures before Xmas.

Sunday 7 December 2008

Summer this time of year?

Yesterday when blogging I made the mistake of being a smug little git about not yet having caught the Mister's cold..big mistake. Today I woke up and felt like I had been hit in the face with a spade..not a happy bunny.

I have stayed in my pj's all day..lying around the house being all pathetic and sorry for myself. My dog Patch, is the perfect companion for times such as this..any excuse to snuggle under blankets all day and he's there. We cuddled up and watched 'Summer Magic', one of my many feel-good DVDs that only seem to get viewed on 'pyjama days'. I say we but Patch lost interest soon after the opening titles (he only likes the movies with talking animals).

This particular Disney musical tells the story of the Bostonian widow Mrs.Carey and her children who have lost their family fortune and must move to the country (without their servants..gasp!). The ever optimistic daughter is played by Haley Mills and Burl Ives stars as the kindly Postmaster. My favourite scene of this movie is when the young Carey boy finds a caterpillar and Burl Ives sings 'Ugly Bug Ball'. It's all very goody goody and sickly sweet....very much escapism.

Note to self for tomorrow: Shower!!

Saturday 6 December 2008

Lazy Days

Almost a week has gone by since NaBloPoMo and my last post here. I'd like to say I have been mega busy but that would be a blatant lie. I have just been chilling out...literally it's been bloody FREEZING here in Fife as of late.

The Mister has had a cold (no not man-flu..he's much too industrious to look for an excuse to slack off!) but I am still snot free. However, my crappy lungs hate the cold air and so I have barely ventured over the doorstep!

Preparations for the festivities have begun in our house..the decorations are up, Christmas cards posted, presents wrapped. Now we just have to decide what we are having to eat on the 25th..Gavin is mulling over thoughts of poultry with a marmalade glaze. Cooking is his department though I'm quite happy with a box of Ferrero Rocher!!

Knit-wise I am thrilled to report that in this months Simply Knitting magazine has published a pattern (by knit designer Alan Dart) for 'Sackboy' the wooly hero of PS3's 'Little Big Planet'. It requires Sidar Click chunky...gonna have to buy me some. A project for early 2009?

Okay, I am away to continue my lazyitis and sup numerous cups of tea whilst watching mind numbing TV.