Saturday, 25 October 2008

Bad Blogger, Naughty Blogger!!!

Bad blogger, naughty blogger!! I've got to right my wrongs. What is the point of creating this splendid little blog if I never get round to posting my whims and woes on it? I read so many other riviting blogs and must admit to get an itsy bit tetchy when my favourite blogger does not supply me with blog fodder at regular intervals.
So...if anyone is reading this it seems you have not given up on me just yet. Therefore I have decided to take part in this years NaBloPoMo which requires me to post every day during the month of November. You have read correctly and I will indeed be attempting to post on here EVERY DAY next month.

What if I find I have nothing to say? As unlikely as it may seem to those who know could happen. Well I have decided to use these posts to write about some of my favourite things, people and memories.