Monday 21 January 2013

It's Snow Day Fir Going Oot

Today, I am having a snow day. "Snow day" is a Stateside term I have become familiar with recently and means a day in which things are cancelled or delayed by snow, heavy ice, or extremely low temperatures.
Whilst conditions presently aren't too bad in my little part of Scotland it looks set to get worse as the day goes on and so my Knit Club tonight is cancelled.
I'm not going sledging or building snowmen..I'll leave that to the kids. This little old lady will have her knitting out and a lovely cuppa by her side (and more than likely a small heat-seeking dog as well).

I shall also be flicking through my new knitting book 'Colours Of Shetland' by Scottish based designer Kate Davies. I have long since admired Kate's designs and been a fan of her blog so it was a great pleasure to meet the lady herself at a recent book signing in nearby Pittenweem (at a lovely little yarn store called The Woolly Brew).
It was also great to see in person all the knitted samples that appear in the book. I especially liked the Puffin Sweater that Kate was wearing herself that day and hope to begin it as a project myself sometime this year. All the patterns in the book are knitted with wool by Jamieson & Smith, one of Scotland's last remaining traditional Shetland wool producers.

Sunday 20 January 2013

2013...I'm Back! (again)

Me & My Mister
One of my New Year's resolutions for 2013 was to restart my blog so here I am back on Blogger after a 11 month hiatus. Did you miss me?
While I could fill this post with what I have been doing/thinking/dreaming of since I was last blogging I shall spare you all the details for now (suffice to say, you ain't missed However I will be sure to reflect back on 2012 happenings in future posts to let you know where I am in life now.

Still married (20 months done!)
Still knitting (increased stash of yarn!)
Thankfully it has not yet got to the point where darling hubby has made me choose between the two.