Friday 21 September 2007

Who You Calling An Ogre?

Well my knitting has taken a back seat has my blogging..oops!! I have amongst other things been busy drawing Shrek and Friends. Not a usual thing to pass the time but for my local Kids Ward. I work as a Play Volunteer on Fridays and absolutely love it. When the playroom looked a bit lacklustre I took it upon myself to sketch 4 foot tall pics of the ogre and pals. Luckily when I took them in my supervisor was really chuffed with my efforts. They are donning the walls of the playroom but Puss In Boots and Gingy are still works in progress as well as trees, birds, flowers and bees that I'm hoping the kids will add. The kids from little tot to moody teen all come in and say "Aw Shrek!" and there lies the reward.

Sunday 9 September 2007

Pics From Knits Past

Well I haven't got much knitting done this past week as I've spent that time on the net looking for knit patterns amongst other things. I'm desperately seeking pattern for a boys tank top if anyone out there can oblige. I refuse to pay £2.00 plus for an ancient old copy from an Ebay seller who probably bought a boxful for 10p at some car booty. some might call it enterprise..I call it downright cheek!! What do you think?(that'll be my moany old nag of the day). Anyway,My pals sister put in a request so I'd like to get my needles clicking soon as poss.

I've been busy drawing 4 ft pictures of Shrek and friends for the walls of the kids ward at my local hospital where I volunteer. My kitchen table was commandeered for a couple of days but I enjoy doodling. I will be sure to post some pictures of my efforts soon.

Meanwhile at the top of this post I've put up some pics of knits I did earlier this year. The first is my 'ruddy big pig' I knitted from a great book I got out the library. The second is my very own creation 'Voodoo Knits' I adapted from a Jean Greenhowe pattern for teddy bears.

Tuesday 4 September 2007

Yet another baby cardi off the production line...I have a drawer full of them now. Friends are always having babies. My mum embarasses me by telling me to 'have a stall' somewhere or other but truth be told I will probably end up just giving them away to a charity eventually. The little beige sockies are quite tiny and I plan to post them to a long lost friend who I've heard just had a little boy..they are so very soft.
As you can see in the third picture Patch the dog is a big knitting fan. He is yet to pick up the needles but has been the cause of me dropping a few stitches many a time!!!
I'm a bit disappointed I missed out on submitting my scarf to the village show as planned as I was too not well. Some poor sod in my inner circle will be receiving it in their xmas parcel,haha!
My naggy old moan of the day is I'm sure shared by many of you out there at the moment...The Weather!! I put my jacket on..I end up sweating like mad. I leave my jacket at home..I near develop hypothermia. Now, I do realise this is what we have to expect from British weather but it's driving me crazy!!