Saturday 27 June 2009

Fings Wot I Made

Last night I reverted back to childhood and made these yummy marshmallow treats..lucky I took this photo when I did as there is not many left!
As well as the knitting I have also recently tried my hand at card-making after receiving all the basics for my birthday and many generous bits and bobs from fellow Ravelry members.

Friday 26 June 2009

New Shoes & St.A's

The Mister and I went to St.Andrew's on Wednesday and I got me some funky new shoes from the Superdry shop. I already own a pair of blue Superdry plimsolls but when I saw this tartan version, my patriotic side must of kicked in...I HAD TO HAVE THEM!!

St.Andrew's didn't turn out as sunny as we'ed hoped so we didn't venture to the beach. If you don't like golf and all it's kind of a boring town to be honest. Famous for it's prestigious university we saw lots of students in their graduation gear and lots of extremely proud looking parents.

I stumbled across knitwear designer Di Gilpin's shop after reading about it on knit site Ravelry. It's a very small yarn shop tucked away through a pend and up some stairs.
Once inside it's like being in someone's front room..with higgildy piggidly piles of yarn everywhere. I made a small purchase for a friend..but manage to resist the temptation of increasing my own stash.

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Summer Knitting

Yesterday was a scorcher (for my non-Scottish chums..anything above 20C in these parts is indeed a 'scorcher' aka 'an extremely hot day').

We didn't have any plans which meant "housework or hobbies?"

Needless to say I opted for hobbies and took advantage of the sunshine to do some alfresco knitting.

Here is a picture (albeit, not a very pretty one!) of me trying not to drop any stitches whilst wearing my very dark sunglasses and listening to the new Paolo Nutini album on my I-Pod.

My current knit (I've been doing a few yet haven't taken the time to blog them lately) is in yarn I bought at Perth Wool Show last month. It is an un-labelled double knit (worsted weight) in very subtle variated reds. It's a cheap (yet not nasty) arcrylic which is ideal for my first attempt at the pattern.

I'm knitting a summery cardi for myself. Yes..I'm finally getting round to a garment for myself..hooray.

Fingers crossed it will work out as I'm knitting the biggest size of a children's pattern and I didn't do a swatch (oops). It's also my first go at a lace pattern, a simple yarn forward stitch. So far I am quite pleased that the holes in my knitting are only those that are meant to be there!

The pattern is from the knitting magazine I subscribe to 'Let's Knit'. The patterns can be a bit hit and miss but when I saw this I immediately loved it. It's called Aloha and Hawaii ( one being short sleeved and the other long. I am yet undecided which sleeve option to go depends how bored I get.

Hope everyone else is experiencing some nice weather wherever you may be. xx

Saturday 20 June 2009

Birthday Boy

The Mister had a birthday yesterday! We marked it quietly (well as quiet as it ever gets in our house!) ..just a quick trip to the shops with a necessary stop-off for tea and cakes!! Previous years have been spent Nessie spotting on Loch Ness or picnicing with pigeons at the top of the Eiffel tower. This year Patch was happy we were celebrating at he is always keen to assist in the unwrapping of parcels.
Gavin was very touched by the gift of this gorgeous birthday cake made by our pal Barbara.
The card at the top was made by me to remind him what a handsome fella he is...even if he is getting on a bit..haha. Hope you had a lovely day (which was rounded off by a rather yummy chinese-takeaway!!).

Sunday 14 June 2009

Boozy Nights

Thursday night I was 'out on the town'. My old flatmate (who now lives in San Francisco) was passing through on her way to Sweden, so we met up in Edinburgh and spent the day shopping and catching up. At night we had dinner then visited all our old haunts from 'back in the day' ('96-'97) which made us feel very sentimental if not a little more 'long in the tooth'.

2009 -Lothian Street
Drinking Blueberry Cocktails

1996- Lothian Street.Drinking..

Saturday 13 June 2009

Knit In Public Day

Today was World-Wide Knit In Public Day and a few members of my knit group and I congregated in the Memorial Gardens to knit and picnic. We sat in the sun for an hour and a half speaking to passers-by ( some knitters , others just curious!) before the clouds formed and the rain came down. We took refuge in the nearby Museum and Art Gallery who welcomed us and all our knitting paraphenalia ..situating us in the upper gallery next to the Jack Vettriano paintings.

I got a quick sneaky pic of half the group before the heavens opened ,no one wanted to pose!!)