Friday, 16 July 2010

Hello July..where was I?

Oh Heavens above!! seems dear little blog I have neglected you for far too long.

How can make it up to you?

I've been uber lazy watching far too much TV (including Wimbledon & parts of the World Cup). I've watched oodles of movies and also worked my way through HBO's 'Rome' & 'The Tudors' boxsets (watching all that romping caused me to drop a stitch or two, haha).

Will some photos of colourful knitting perhaps go some way towards making amends?

This is my latest project and I am considering it somewhat of an experiment. I needed to try new things and stop playing it safe with simple garter and stocking stitch projects. This is called the 'Old Shale' pattern but is known more commonly in the UK perhaps as 'feather & fan' . A while back (I'm talking at least 2 years!) I attempted a cardi in this stitch pattern and made a right old mess of it (it still lies abandoned in a bag way back in my yarn cupboard). I didn't take the time to try it out slowly and therefore quickly lost patience and interest.

I just decided to knit up scraps of acrylic in random colours but I'm starting to quite like the way it looks. 48 repeats should be suffice for a small only 34 repeats to go.

Other knits in the last month have included a very ugly jumper in a very ugly yarn called Wendy Mosiac..ughh. My Knit Club bought 60 balls of the stuff when it was being sold very cheaply at Perth Knit Show. There was a very good reason it was cheap! Ghastly stuff. However I played my part and used up 5 balls to knit a jumper for Project Peru. I wasn't moved enough to take's no great loss..haha.

An old school friend of mine was very pleasantly surprised to find she is pregnant with not one but two babies. So, I decided to whip out my Dulaan pattern once again for two cute little twin sweaters. I used James Brett Marble DK and each one took only 90g of yarn.