Saturday, 12 July 2008

Do Bees Have Knees?

Pillow talk between me and my Mister varies from the sublime to the ridiculous. The other night for instance I told him fondly "You are the bees knees".
The phrase simply implying that I think my man is 'the best thing since sliced bread' or to make it plain..I think he is..'great'!

With a cheeky expression his retort was "Do bees have knees?"

to which we fell about laughing and that was that.

However the question stuck with me and I mulled it over and over with a curious mind. Today I actually found myself peering at bees whilst out in the garden hoping to perhaps spot a minute knobbly keecap on one of these busy creatures. Eventually my ever inquisitive nature led me to my laptop thinking I could find a definate answer at the end of my fingertips. No such luck my search results were somewhat conflicting. Please judge for yourself and let me know what you decide!