Saturday, 25 April 2009

Sock 'Fixation'

A couple of weeks back I was very fortunate (and thrilled) to receive a little birthday gift from my U.S Ravelry friend Elizabeth. I opened the box to be greeted with 2 of the cutest little balls of sock yarn. It is Cascade Yarns Fixation and is cotton with an elastic blend which makes it super stretchy. I haven't seen it before so I can only presume it's not widely available here in the UK...but I love it!!

The other night (despite having many unfinished knitting projects) I was so desperate to see how this knitted up so hunted out my DPN's.

I have previously only tried the basic sock pattern as I tend to use self patterning wool..which is impressive in it own right. Now, I could have attempted one of the more intricate sock patterns I have collected but why make things difficult? Stick o what you know (for now).

In a couple of days I completed sock one. There was a bit of frogging as I decided on a 1x1 rib instead of a 2x2 (to make it a tighter fit) and then I decided to go for a ribbed heel for more durablity.

I am fairly pleased with the result so far..although I think I was perhaps a bit too eager to cast off and could have done with another few rows on the foot for room (this may be remedied later..depending on my patience!)

So, thanks again Elizabeth. Now to get my second sock done so I can show off these super stripes with my Clarks Mary Jane sandals this summer.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

I'm Back

The Bitch is Back! (Yes, I'm referring to myself..but I'm actually such a nice girl really!).
I decided it was time to stop dilly-dallying and get back to if there is anyone still out there, here I am.

God only knows where my time has gone but I'm finding it hard to get my head round the fact we are already 101 days in to 2009 already..aren't you?

Spring has well and truely sprung..trees have blossomed, bunnies are a-hopping around the park nearby and the last time I took the out of town busride to my mum's, all the new lambs were skipping around the fields (altogether now.."aww"!). The weather is slowly getting warmer (though my thermals are still at hand!) and people are looking hopeful that we will have pleasant summer this year.

What's been going on with me? (a question one hundred shrinks would find hard to answer, believe me!) Well, yesterday I turned a year older as I marked the anniversary of my birth with soup and Sudafed. Unfortunately, I have got a stinking cold and so any 'funtimes' are on hold for now. The Mister is as always a treasure and spoilt me rotten with trinkets, cake and cuddles.

It was great too to see my mummy who bought me some much needed cosy pj's..thanks mum!

Keeping me busy (or supposed to be) is the Open University course I recently enrolled in. Having been away from studies for nearly ten years (and well, never really much of a scholar in the first place) I have opted primarily for a taster course. I hand in my first assignment next week.

Knitting? Well I have been doing a bit here and there...nothing adventurous just some quick knits for charity. This lot was recently sent via my Knit club to Algerian Action