Thursday 10 June 2010

Quick Check In To Blogland

Oh..hi there!

I am so behind with my blogging I don't know where to start. There is no exciting news that has kept me from you, or long-winded excuses. Just plain old laziness (and possibly a new found addiction to Mahjong on Facebook).

I'll leave you now with a little something that's kept me busy today. A favour for a friend who has just redecorated her kids room in a space theme.

Once I'd started it was quite enjoyable pottering about with paints again. Maybe this simple project will spur me to do something a bit more ambitious later on. In the meantime there is lots of knitting to be done.

I've just recently finished a new batch of Teddies For Tragedy. They are so quick to knit whilst watching movies with the Mister, but they take a bit longer to sew up and stuff. For a couple of weeks teddies 'carcases' have been lingering. Thankfully they are now done and will be sent off to orphans in Malawi soon.

Gavin says lined up they look like a teddy boy band. So I give you...'Bear-Zone'.