Sunday 13 September 2009

Wee Hats...Big Knit

This week I sent off my mini hats for the Innocent Smoothie 'Big Knit' campaign. Little hats will be placed atop bottles of Innocent Smoothie drinks in Sainsburys stores throughout the UK and for each adorned bottle sold the retailer will donate money to Help The Aged.

I used up my teeny tiny bits of yarn left over from my squares and managed to get together 30 assorted little tammies.

Saturday 12 September 2009

I Am What I Am

Last Wednesday my friend B and I had a night out at the theatre, but it was no Shakespeare or Chekov for was pure cabaret. We were fortunate enough to bag tickets for the hottest show in town..The Ladyboys Of Bangkok. At first when the lights went down and the music began..I was hesitant. This was not through any predjudice but because the first performer to enter the fore couldn't have been farther from the beautiful kathoey I was led to believe I was here to see. I soon learned this was the 'comic turn'..and a great recurring act throughout a entertaining show. The all dancing, all singing (okay 'all miming') ladyboys were indeed both stunning and enchanting. From the overtly risque 'Dont'cha Wish your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me' to the more traditional and utterly superb drag number 'I Am What I Am'...I was hooked.
What a great fun night out.