Thursday 28 February 2008

Voodudes For sale

I have just this minute listed my first item on Etsy (click here to see!). For those of you not in the know Etsy is a craft site where you can sell your homemade wares. I have been madly knitting my 'Voodoo Dudes' though I have yet to list the rest..I'm just finding my feet with the site.

I'd be grateful for any feedback or advice from other Etsy users.

Thursday 21 February 2008

On The Mend!

After 3 weeks of feeling like utter poo, I'm pleased to report my zombie-like state is over and I have re-entered the land of the living..hooray! I had a cold which in itself seems manageable enough but due to my already misbehaving lungs (they refuse to pull their weight in the capacity department, leaving me permanently out of puff!) a simple cold tends to knock me sideways.

Thank goodness for my other half..that guy is a diamond. He made me soup when I couldn't get out of bed. He made sure I took my medicine on time (I always forget due to hazy cold funk). He even grounded me when I insisted I was better and wanted to go shopping. I was not always he was right!

As we couldn't go out for Valentine's Day we ordered a scrummy chinese takeaway which surprise, surprise I was well enough to takes a lot to put this little missy off her grub! We swapped gifts and I was delighted with my very rock skull and crossbone earrings, the Russell Brand book I had been coveting for ages and Belgian seashell choccies (which have since disappeared down my fat throat!).

Thanks G for everything..I totally appreciate everything you do..even the nagging (he's worse than my mum). As for my pooch Patch..thanks for all the cuddles..the other half was too worried he'd get 'infected'!!!