Wednesday 25 November 2009

Dark, Damp & Depp

Outside the wind is howling and the rain continues to lash down.
Inside we are fortunate to be snug and warm.

It's getting dark so early now, infact our lights have been on practically all day due to it being overcast. It means I don't stray very far from the homestead. Tonight it meant pj's on early for a dvd night with the Mister. Tonight's movie was 'Public Enemies' with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. Gavin bought this as soon as it came out on Blu-ray at the beginning of the month but as we both wanted to see it he waited until we were both free to watch it together. We anticipated a really gripping movie..we were wrong. Unfortunately we were both left a bit dissappointed although it's hard to pinpoint why.

Johnny Depp stars as John Dillinger the 1930's charasmastic and elusive bank robber ,marked by the FBI as America's 'Public Enemy Number One'. It's a cat and mouse tale but didn't quite captivate me as much as it could have. Depp looked great as always..never really had much love for Bale (even in Batman he was just 'okay'). I did like Marion Cotillard, (as Depp's love interest)but not much can better her portrayal of Édith Piaf in La Vie en Rose which brought international acclaim and multiple awards.

Fave Depp Movie: John Water's 'Crybaby'
Still trying to get the Mister to sit through the 153 mins of 'Australia'.

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Going Chunky

I've taken some time out from knitting the Yeti's socks (see Sunday's post if you're perplexed) and decided to do something more rewarding. By 'rewarding', I of course mean 'quicker and easier'...instant gratification..almost.
I had a ball of James Brett's Marble Chunky kicking about my stash which was just the thing. After a few hours of knitting/tv watching (ohh multi I rattled up the ribbed hat and later whilst at my knit club managed to do quite a bit of the matching scarf. I really do champion this yarn in both the Chunky and DK version's as the colourways are superb. This one reminds me of sterotypical Scotland. No, I'm not referring to drunks and misers thank you very much..but rather all rolling green hills, heather and thistles. The yarn is so smoochy too despite being..dare I utter...100% acrylic!!!!
I'm not sure who the lucky receipant of this cosy set will be yet.
(I used a U.S link to the yarn but in the U.K it retails at around £3.75 for 200g)

Sunday 22 November 2009

Xmas Socks For Bratty Bro

How about some quick 'knit' talk? Well, I'm currently trying to knit up some socks for my brother's Christmas and it is a slow, slow process let me tell 'ya. I'm only knitting the generic basic sock pattern but I'm beginning to wonder why on earth I chose to do it in 4ply yarn. It only ususally takes me a few days to knock out a pair for my own little size 4 tootsies (Eur 37) but brother dearest has big size 12 clown feet (Eur 47). Thus, this task seems never ending!

The yarn I'm using was a recent buy from budget supermarket Aldi. It was only £3.99 for 4 x 50g balls which is a bargain by any means. I thought the quality may not be superb (they do say you get what you pay for, dont they?) but it's knitting up fine. I chose the black/grey colourway for baby bro in the hope that they will actually be worn.
Now just to get the second sock done (sigh!)

Saturday 21 November 2009

All Nice Girls Love A Sailor

Some members of my Knit Club are currently knitting hats for the Sailors Society

The Sailors' Society is an inter-denominational charity which replaces isolation with belonging amongst seafarers throughout the world. Through a network of Port Chaplains and Seafarers’ Centres, operating in 30 countries in almost 100 Ports, the Society aims to enhance and enrich the lives of the 1.2million seafarers who often lead dangerous and lonely lives at sea, many miles from home. The Port Chaplains visit thousands of ships every year, directly addressing the needs of seafarers - irrespective of a person’s belief or nationality.

The Mister's mum has been using this pattern from a vintage knitting booklet (lent by my mum) for some time and has produced loads of these woolly heid-warmers. I thought it was time I gave it a go. Quick and easy....and very stretchy.

This pattern is worked using 2 strands of Double Knitting wool together.
Using 2 different colours gives a great marl effect.
Using 6mm needles (old size 4).
Cast on 68 sts
Work in K2, P2 rib for 10 inches, ending on wrong side row
Shape Top
Next Row: K2 tog, P2 tog to end…(34 sts)
Next Row: K1, P1 to end
Next Row: *K3 tog, P1, rep from * to last 2 sts, K1, P1
Next Row: K1, P1 to end
Next Row: *K3 tog, P1 rep from * to last 2 sts, K1, P1
Next Row: * K1, P3 tog, rep from *to last 2 sts, K1, P1 (6sts)
Break off yarn thread through remaining stitches, draw up and fasten off securely.
Using a flat stitch, join seam.

Gavin wasn't quite so keen to model however!

Friday 20 November 2009

Pudsey's Pounds

Today was Children In Need day here in the UK. It's a great day where the nation really seems to come together doing all sorts of fundraising events for this cause. It's really great the way people get stuck in to raise money to help young people, from homeless teenagers to seriously ill children.
Events I've heard about include 'wear your pyjamas to work day', ladies getting their heads shaved, men getting their chests waxed, kids getting their faces painted, cake sales and much more.
This year I knitted the charity mascot 'Pudsey' and did a 'Guess His Birthday' amongst family and friends. I didn't give myself much time but managed to raise £16.50. I was delighted when my name appeared across screen during the telethon despite raising such a modest amount.
This years telethon event raised £20,309,747 by the end of the broadcast.

Thursday 19 November 2009

All Played Out

Yesterday was a fun but exhausting day! My friend Penny came to visit with her 2 cheeky little toddlers. Despite only living just over 20 miles away we hadn't met up for some months..and my, how her little babies have grown. The little girl M, is 3 this coming February and now able to hold full-on conversations. She's quite the little lady and was very proud to inform me that she now wears 'big girls pants' and not nappies like her brother. Baby brother L, at just 16 months is almost as big as his sister. He's a sturdy wee lad with a huge mop of golden curls that his mummy loves (apparantly daddy isn't so keen and thinks it's time for a trip to the barbers).

We went to children's play centre 'Jumping Jacks' for lunch. Its a soft play place with indoor climbing frames and pools of colourful plastic balls. Little did I know when I entered the building that minutes later I too would be in amongst it all (hence the exhaustion!). It's times like this when you realise just how unfit you are...and how much stamina the little ones posess!

After lunch (most of which seemed to end up on the floor courtasy of Master L) we made our way back to my place where the kids proceeded to feed treats to Patch until he was almost fit to burst. Patch loves when little ones come to visit as there's always lots of carpet crumbs (saves me hoovering at least!).

Soon it was time for my guests to bid farewell..later their mum said they both slept in the car all the way home. I was kind of in need of a nap myself.

I had knitted them both hats but forgot to take pictures. Thankfully they both fitted well.

Wednesday 18 November 2009

My Hero..An Ordinary Man

My Grandad (1927-1986)
Dear Grandad,
Today would have been, should have been your 82nd birthday, but you left us far too early. I'm thinking of you today as I do most days. More time has passed since we've been apart than we ever spent together but the void you left is unfillable. Thank you for playing a leading part in making my childhood a happy one.
Because of you I could write my own name before I even started school. You bought me a calculator when I was 4 and explained to me the process of long division years before my teachers dared to.
Our favourite times were singing. Neither of us could hold a were born with a cleft palate and were half deaf, I had an equally nasal tone..usually due to coughs and colds. However we loved to sing, often into a cassette recorder..I wish I still had those tapes.
You suffered a heart attack and had to take some time off work and at the age of 5 I became your chaperone. We'ed go walks...often to your favourite haunt the Bowling Green where I'd join in games of dominoes and go home with pockets full of coins from your defeated cronies.
You taught me how to play also taught me how to cheat at cards.
You worked hard..sometimes seven days a week. I loved visiting you in the butchers shop on a Saturday even if I was scared to walk past the pig's head displayed in the window. I'd kick around the sawdust on the shop floor while you served customers..sometimes sneaking me a piece of 'clootie dumpling' or giving my mum some 'potted meat' to help build me up.
There was a massive gap after you went away, but not just in my life. You were known by many and loved by most. You taught me that I was capable of achieving anything despite my size and stature..I only hope I haven't let you down.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

List Goes On..And On

Today my 'to-do' list is a long's accumulated over days from uncompleted 'to-do' lists now all amalagmated into one. It's not made up of difficult tasks..just time consuming items or items I have been avoiding doing for far too many days.

Why make a list? I have no idea it's just some small compulsion I have to do. In the time I take to compile said list I could have completed at least one of my tasks .

Anyway, that is why I am not going to waste too much of my valueable/worthless time writing todays blog post. I'm going to try and just crack on. These are some of the interesting/mind numbingly boring things I wish to achieve today.
  • Hem my jeans (they are gathering dust, they've been waiting so long)
  • Write letters to penpals (always a pleasure when I have peace and quiet)
  • Renew my house insurance
  • Walk Patch
  • Place order online for clothes in November sale.
  • Get gift ideas for Mister's xmas (he's hardest to buy for..has everything!!)
  • Make sure courier booked for knit group donations to Project Peru
  • Write todays blog post ( yeah, yeah..I'm getting there)

That's just some..I don't want you to nod off with complete boredom. Best get on..!

Monday 16 November 2009

True Blood

Todays rant is about the importance of blood donation and the part you can play. Sadly, figures here in Scotland show that blood donations are decreasing yet the demand remains high. Unfortunately only around 4% of the Uk's population donate blood.

There are only 5 blood centres in Scotland but mobile units are set up in village halls or community centres all over the country and revisit every 13 weeks.

Yesterday, the Mister took himself down to the local theatre (as in dramatic theatre not medical theatre) where he visits 3 times a year to give blood. He has now given 22 times and unbelieveably is the only person I know that gives blood regularly.

It really bothers me the excuses that some people give for not giving blood:

  • I'm too busy (it only takes an hour of your life 3 times a year!)
  • I'm on medication (most medications do not affect blood long as you say)

  • I'm scared of needles (it's ONE needle!)

Admittedly there are people who are unable to donate for instance if like myself you have had a blood tranfusion in the Uk since 1980. If you are unsure whether you are eligible or not it's worth really can save a life.

In the 1980's I was fortunate enough to receive blood tranfusions after all of my spinal surgeries and again in 2000 following a road traffic accident.

Just think about it.

Sunday 15 November 2009

TV..(Televison not Transvestite)

Tonight was a good ole telly night in our house. Yes, it must be said I do watch television every single day but it's not that often the Mister sits with me for a whole evenings worth of viewing. The truth is he usually slinks off after an hour or so muttering something about 'waste of tv licensers money' or suchlike. I think with the winter nights drawing in..curling up on the sofa is appealing to him more (lots of tea and cakes works for him too mind you).

We began with Harry Hill's TV Burp which we both love. The show presents a satirical look at the previous week's television, including extracts from TV shows with added sketches, observational voice-overs, and guest appearances. Harry Hill's unique brand of silliness is a great start to a nights entertainment and makes us laugh out loud.

Next up was 'All Star Family Fortunes' which is a good gameshow but the All Star bit is often slightly ironic as your left going 'who?'. Classic 'shout out the answers' style TV.

X-factor is still eliminating the acts..this week saw the flick for Rock Wannabe 'Jamie afro' who we decided weeks ago was a 'one trick pony' (and he wasn't even very good at that). I'm currently backing Danyl to win, his voice is by far the best but he's faced a bit of a media backlash for being too confident.

Tonight also saw the start of the new series of 'Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'..just what we need more Reality TV (I loooove to hate it!). Once again the celebrity tag reeks of irony as you are left trying to figure out where you might have seen then previously. This year's washed up contestants include 80's glamour model Sam Fox and ladies favourite TV Chef Gino Di Campo. The biggest surprise was perhaps Hollywood's suntanned Mr Debonair George Hamilton who seems to have star struck all the fellow jungle campers. Everyone seems very likeable... for the timebeing. Give a week and it will be like 'Lord Of The Flies' in there...much more interesting.

Okay..I'd better give my square eyes a rest and get off to bed. What's your must-see Tv?

Saturday 14 November 2009

Swine?...I'm Fine

Ladies and Gentlemen, you get the full range of emotions here at 'Little Lou's'..oh yeah. Yesterday I expressed 'trauma' I give you 'self pity'. Okay, truth is I'm feeling kind of sorry for myself because I got my Swine Flu vaccination today. Needle + arm = ouch.
Once again I'm over dramatising (it's a talent), I've been through was only a

I should be feeling quite fortunate to have received the injection as NHS Scotland has received just under 550,000 doses of the vaccine, about 40% of the total required for the 1.3 million people in priority groups. I qualified due to chronic repiritory condition (my only qualification I might add unless you count 3 paltry Higher grades).

The number of people in Scotland suffering from swine flu has risen to over 21,500 .
Over 900 people had to have hospital treatment since the outbreak in April.

I temporarily gave up my volunteer shift as a play assistant on the childrens ward of my local hospital as kids are said to be the main carriers of Swine Flu. Maybe I can get back to jigsaws, glitter and glueing now I'm vaccinated.

It's an international concern but you can only really worry about your own backyard.
The mister seems to think I'll look like this in the morning.....cheers xx

Friday 13 November 2009

Knitting is My Therapy

This may be a brief post..I'm a bit traumatised. Please don't fret it's nothing serious just my inner drama queen at work. I guess I'd better explain.

Tonight was movie night in our household. We busied around before getting settled for the night which consisted of baths for the Mister and myself, pj's on, tea brewed and munchies at hand. Then let's not forget the dog who gets let out for a toilet stop, given a treat and wrapped in his blanket for 'curtain up'. I've never denied he's a pampered pooch!

Tonight's movie was the 2003 remake of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'...and there the trauma lies. Blood, guts, anticipation and plain old fashioned fear. The thing is I'd watched it previously, not long after it's original dvd release but this was much scarier. Personally I blame Blu-ray and DTS-HD sound set-up..the blood was brighter and the screams much louder.

When the movie began the three of us were huddled together in the darkened room but ten minutes in I made an excuse that I HAD to knit (and so the light was turned on). Needless to say for the remainder of the film I tried as hard as I could to hide behind my knitting or cast my eyes down to the pattern I know off by heart.

Yes, I'm a wimp..that I will confess. The truth is I never watched horror movies before the mister and I got together..unless you count the old Hammer films I watched with my mum as a kid (they totally freaked The Mister is a big fan of this genre and so I eased myself in gently. Over the years we have watched a great number slasher flicks..some good (Hostel)and some just plain awful (Splinter). Is it disturbed to say I may just be getting used to scenes of severed limbs? Just not tonight I guess.

Thursday 12 November 2009

Street Life

The other day fellow blogger Andy wrote about Google maps in his post so I'm kind of poaching that topic. The reason being is that I love the introduction of the 'Street View' function..infact it's fair to say I am fanatical about it. There are those whoever are not so keen.

Privacy campaigners tried to introduce a legal challenge over the launch of Google Street View in the UK. It is understandable that some people are uncomfortable with Google making an enormous photo album of 25 towns and cities, but that doesn't make it illegal.

People who happen to be in the street at the time the Google camera car took photos in the area have their faces blurred which surely meets with the Uk Human Rights Act.

Someone who I have personally talked with on this subject feels that perhaps it is just another tool for would be terrorists or even an aide for potential thieves or even bombers.
Some celebrities have expressed that it may give added encouragement to stalkers.

I take a less serious view on the matter and think its a great tool for those like me that are perhaps not so good with directions or conventional maps. If I am going somewhere unfamiliar I can virtually 'walk' it first and instead of remembering 'left' and 'rights' I can recall what buildings look like or shops I may pass on the way. Maybe that's a girl thing?

Besides, I use it for virtual travel too. When I was last in Paris (pic above)I fell ill on the last day and missed out on a few sight seeing moments. Looking at photos didn't give me a sense of knowing 'what was where', but another 'walk' with street view put things in perspective a little more.
I think it's a great way to check out the location of holiday accomodation before you book so you can get a feel for the area and judge whether it's all you hoped.

I also use it to reminice about my old stomping grounds in Edinburgh..checking out if my favourite drinking holes still exist!

Maybe I feel a bit more chilled than some of Street View's protesters because my house (and indeed town) is still off the radar and I still posess my privacy. The camera car has been seen in the area over the past year so maybe my humble abode will pop up soon who knows?

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Reading and Rememberance

Today is Rememberance Day. It marks the anniversary of the end of the First World War but it's a day when fallen soldiers from all conflicts are remembered. Traditions include two minutes of silence at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month (11:00 am, 11 November), as that marks the time (in the United Kingdom) when armistice became effective.

I have just finished reading a really lovely novel
which in part tells the story of one man's fight to survive during the Great War in 1917. After escaping from a POW camp in Siberia the character Moritz Daniecki travels over 3,000 miles on foot to find the girl whos love gave him the will to survive.

The book is 'Random Acts Of Heroic Love' by Danny Scheinmann and is a pretty remarkable debut novel. It's not as lovely dovey as the title suggests but it can be quite moving.

It flits back and forward between two tales of love and loss. The second being that of Leo Deakin set in 1992 who wakes up in a South American hospital to find out his girlfriend is dead.

The two men from different worlds and different times are connected in an emotional climax of this great read.
I have recently joined a website called where you can compile a database of all the books you have read and leave ratings and reviews. You can also compile a 'must read' list for the books you haven't quite got round to yet. It's a great way to find other novels by authors you've previously enjoyed or books on certain themes. Some authors even leave feedback to readers questions. So if your a book fiend, go check it out.
Other Stuff: I have over 75 items of knitting sitting in my spare room. No I haven't been clacking my needles in super quick's all the work of Kirkcaldy Knit Club who are sending some great knits away to charity Project Peru. Well done ladies!
Fave Snack Of The Day: Not been much of a snack day...time to make up for it now. So..what's for eating?

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Dog's Life?

Humiliate Your Dog Day? (I'm not one of those people who dress up there was a momentary blip).

My dog is the ultimate 'loveable rogue'. He is the bane of my life and the apple of my eye . He drives us crazy but our house would seem empty without him.

Patch is a Jack Russell 'Terror'. These dogs are well known for thinking they are bigger than they actually are, therefore they have no fear. He is the only pooch I know who isn't scared of fireworks and instead of cowering under the bed like most animals he wants outside to watch.

We have had Patch in our lives for over 5 years now and occassionally we kid ourselves he is calming down. He still continues to attack the mail and harass any visitors into giving out treats from 'his jar'. On the upside he sleeps more as he gets older and loves his cuddles.

Kids flock to him when we go out walking..he's got a regular little fanclub (I may as well be invisible).

He has funny little ways like throwing the big chunks from his dry food up and down the hallway (and rolling on them). He has some not so funny little humping my teddy bear!

He loves cherry tomatoes and cheese but won't entertain any veggies.
He waits by his bed at night to be told to get in, and then waits to get tucked up.

Sometimes it feels like he is the owner and we are the pets.

Other Stuff: I haven't watched any great movies in a while..anyone got any good recommendations?

Fave Snack Of The Day: Cadbury's Caramel..dreamy with a hot cup of tea..yum!

Monday 9 November 2009

Fundraising & Funds

Remember the Pudsey Bear I knitted? Well, I decided to use the little yellow critter as a mini-fundraiser for the charity he represents..Children In Need. I've bought a small box of chocolates (as an extra incentive) and will be asking friends and family to 'Guess Pudsey's Birthday'. Participants simply have to choose a date from my small diary and pay 50p a pop.

Other money raising matters. My Knit Camp 2010 fund is ever increasing and now stands at..... ...coming along nicely! Think of all the lovely yarn I buy. Only another 152 to go! The registration for the workshop classes isn't until January..I have no idea what I want to sign up for yet. I'm hoping there are some classes on perfecting the basics, maybe cable or intarsia.

Other Stuff: I was recently sent (by a lovely lady on Ravelry) the Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket pattern..looking forward to making a start on that soon.

Fave Snack Of The Day: Not strictly a snack but feel I have to mention the delicious dinner Gavin cooked tonight (to be fair he always cooks..I burn toast!). Red Thai curry..yum!

Sunday 8 November 2009

Take That & Party

Last night after watching X-Factor..I was convinced I could sing as well as any of the contestants. In the light of day I have climbed off my high horse and know I am tone deaf..clearly I was just caught up in the atmosphere!! I'm always singing around the house but can imagine it's not an entirely pleasant experience for anyone misfortunate enough to be within earshot.

Back to last night..I preceeded to switch off the TV set and switch on the PS3 for a round of Singstar. I love gives the opportunity to be a Diva in your own home or the ability to upload your warblings to the Playstation network for all to witness..if indeed you're brave enough (usually I'm not!).
After murdering tracks on the Abba, Queen and Motown discs..I was delighted at the release of the new Take That disc.
I Heart Take That.

If you are unaware of the sheer joy that is Take That..let me summerise as quickly as I can.

  • Boyband from Manchester formed in 1990..uber cheese.
  • String of hits..25 million record sales
  • Fanbase as crazy as Bealtlemania.
  • Member Robbie Williams quits in break up 1996.
  • Reform as a 'manband' in 2005 (without Williams).
  • Massive success once again with 'grown up' tunes.
It was against all my better judgements than to ever like Take That..but try as I might I just couldn't resist. By day I was waxing lyrical about Morrisey's intensity and by night I was dancing in my bedroom to T.T. Eventually I 'came out' about my fondness for Take That and embraced it wholeheartedly going to see them in concert and taping every TV appearance.

They saw me through some hard times was Take That videos that kept my spirits up when lying in ICU after a road accident in 2000.

Needless to say I totally murdered all their tracks from the Singstar disc..but it was fun.
I will leave you with their very first ever music's sure to make you smile too.

DO WHAT YOU LIKE....indeed.

Saturday 7 November 2009


Some days I get no mail, some days the postmen are on strike. Yesterday the mail arrived at 4.30pm and was not worth the wait. Today however was different..and a little spooky.

I got two lovely postcards through my letterbox this morning (and 'hooray', Patch did not eat them!). The spooky bit was they were both from Hawaii..from 2 different people, who don't know each other. Even more coincidental is that both senders were on the same island (out of the many that make up Hawaii). What are the chances of that?

The first card was from Karen, who I have known since we shared a student flat together in Edinburgh....13yrs ago!! She is a Fifer like me but has travelled and worked all over the world. A few years ago she married and settled in San Francisco. Her hubby joined the U.S Army and they have just received their first official Hawaii! Her Facebook page is full of glorious photos of sunsoaked beaches. Looks like the knitted scarf I gave her when we last met up (before the posting) won't be getting much of an airing!!

The second postcard is from Cecelia, a really funny lady and fellow knitter who I got to know through the international knitting site that is Ravelry. We have been exchanging letters for over a year now and I look forward to perhaps meeting her in person one day. Cecelia lives in New York but grew up in Hawaii and was back visiting family and friends.

Hawaii seems like a dream to me...beyond paradise.
I grew up watching Elvis movies and I remember Hawaii featured in a few of favourite being 'Girls! Girls! Girls!'. It was also the setting for the movie for 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' which featured Russell Brand in speedos quite heavily..not altogether unpleasant on the eye.

Fave Snack Of The Day: Gavin gave me one of his Empire biscuits..nice chap.

Friday 6 November 2009

Still Raining

I really like the picture really sums things up around here...WET!
We stupidly hung some washing out today..hoping the dry morning would lasted about 25 mins!
By the time I realised the rain had started the clean laundry was wetter than it was when it came out the machine.
Whilst hanging the clothes around the house to dry I started singing to myself 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me' by Travis. it got me compiling a list (I'm a list fanatic..weird huh?) of songs that had the word 'rain' in.
Here's what I've got so far:
  • November Rain - Guns & Roses
  • Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - B.J Thomas
  • Purple Rain - Prince
  • Singing In The Rain - Gene Kelly
  • Rain Or Shine - Five Star
  • Naked In The Rain - Blue Pearl
  • It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls
  • Rain - Madonna

Got any others?

Other Stuff: I am totally appaulled by Sky1 (tv channel). Tonight is 'Michael Jackson' night which is fair enough ,but at 10pm there is a 'live seance' show. 'Spiritual medium' Derek Acorah is going to try and converse with MJ from beyond the grave. I don't want to be accused of slander but Mr.Acorah is a joke. He used to appear on 'Most Haunted' and 'speak' with ghosts in haunted houses. The shows producers claimed he knew no previous history of the locations but I'm sure all the alleged ghosts would be listed for all to see in the visitors guidebook. As for Micheal Jackson millions of us (fans or not) have been bombarded by Wacko Jacko stories over the years so what is Mr.Acorah going to reveal that will convice us MJ is really conversing. Watch it to find out? Not a chance!

More importantly.. Fave Snack Of The Day..Gavin just presented me with more French Fancies..he's a keeper (or should I say 'feeder'?)

Thursday 5 November 2009

What A Guy..

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

What's all that about? Well the 5th of November marks an annual celebration here in the UK called bonfire night or more correctly 'Guy Fawkes' night. It commemorates the downfall of the Gunpowder Plot on this day way back in 1605 when a number of Catholic conspiritors (including a Yorkshire chappie named Guy Fawkes) attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London.

The group of rebels (against the Protestant monarchy)were led by Robert Caseby but it was Mr. Fawkes who was put in charge of the actual execution of the task. He was caught and so the whole of his gang were hung, drawn and quartered (accept Fawkes who broke his neck on the gallows and died instantly...they were to be quartered alive..he escaped that fate).

The tradition came to hold a bonfire on the anniversary of this discovery and burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes to celebrate his demise.

When I was a kid my Grandad used to take me down to the local park where everyone gathered round a huge bonfire and watch the colourful fireworks in the sky above. We'ed eat hot soup to keep out the cold and those brave enough would edge up to the huge fire to toast marshmallows. Before we went home we would buy toffee apples that I'd end up getting stuck to my mittens.

Sadly, nowadays due to safety measures, public licences and high insurance rates there are hardly any public bonfires. I hate the fact that people can still buy fireworks over the counter at supermarkets and hardware stores and let them off in their gardens or worse in the street. Where is the sense in that?

Tonight Patch and I are safely staying in. Luckily he is not scared of the bangs of fireworks outdoors but he gets a bit worked up and tends to let out a bark here and there. At the moment he is fast asleep under a blanket (giving off not-so sweet doggie smells I might add!).
Other Stuff: Had a no-knitting happens.
Fave Snack Of The Day: Yorkie biscuit...might need another.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Socks & Scones

Here's a pic of those socks I finished yesterday..I'm not sure they quite go with the sandals but then it's not exactly sandal weather these days anyway. I realised just how much I love hand-knit socks as they are so much more comfortable. It's a great feeling to look down at your covered tootsies and think 'I made them'.
I really envy those who are clever enough to knit lace patterned ones (like Alex).

So whilst the mood took me I decided to cast on another pair using the Opal Harry Potter yarn I bought some time ago. It's a variated wool in hues of blue, green and even a bit of dark red. I tried taking a photo but the colours came out all wrong.

I made another kitch purchase you want to see?
I've always wanted a cake stand..for girlie afternoon teas. Now I just need to make some cucumber sandwiches and keep the cake supply topped up (oh the hardship!). It may even inspire me to bake some scones...but I very much doubt, safer buying
The cake stand has a similar design to the Jessie Tait Midwinter tea set I got from my Nana before she died. It's in my mums attic...time to retrieve it I think.

Other News: I can't believe Channel 4 have made a drama reconstructing Gary Glitter's 'child porn' court case.
Fave Snack Of The Day: The Halloween limited edition French Fancies (as seen on cakestand)

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Hooray For Carnies!

Another day of heavy rain..another day indoors for me. A dark afternoon was spent watching a few episodes of my Carnivale dvd boxset.

Set during the American Depression in the 1930's Carnivale follows a travelling 'freak-show' with a supernatural twist. It's another example of HBO's great dramas but despite winning 5 Emmys it was canned after 2 series. The characters are fascinating and the cinematography really well done.
My favourite character in the show is most definately Samson, the diminutive manager of the carnival. Played by Michael. J.Samson who was in another cult series 'Twin Peaks' (as the man in the 'red room' who talks backwards). I loved Twin Peaks..even though it freaked me out.
In Carnivale I think the role of Samson is a really positive one for a disabled actor as the character is looked up to and respected with no mention of his stature. Standing at whole 4ft 6ins myself..I love this.
Other news: I finished knitting a pair of stripey socks using the yarn I got for my birthday back in April. (pic soon)
Fave Snack Of The Day: Laughing Cow cheese triangles

Monday 2 November 2009

Light Of My Life?

Meet a new addition to our household. He goes by the name of Mr.P and is an illuminating little fella to say the very least.He is my new utterly kitch desk lamp and I adore every bit of him ,from his cheery bright yellow shade down to his comically placed on/off switch. Some may find him tacky or offensive but I think he is you?
I first saw this style of lamp on one of my visits to Amsterdam, in a little boutique on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. It was a little out my price range at the time.

Six years later imagine my delight when I saw the little heren on an online auction site for much cheapness. Granted the original version was ceramic whereas my Mr.P is plastic fantastic..but hell that just adds to his kitch value for me.
Other stuff: I'm skipping my Knit Club's too damn cold..I'll knit at home.
Fave Snack Of the Day: Individual pot of Hartley's Blackcurrent Jelly..yum.

Sunday 1 November 2009

Hello November & NaBloPoMo

November has come around again and I have decided to once again attempt NaBloPoMo..yup thats 30 blog posts in 30 days. I did manage the task last year so it shouldn't be too difficult..however, I reckon I have become even lazier in the last 12 months. Yes..even lazier. Some will ask if this was even possible, by some I am of course referring to my Mister.

He just went through to the kitchen and I asked him to bring back as much goodies as he could carry...lucky for me he complied. This may be a short post...a fat piece of carmel shortbread awaits (as well as oodles of other eats!!).
I'm lying on the sitting room floor (with my laptop..obviously) and the dog is using my ass as pillow. The Mister is behind us on the sofa and has already consumed his second piece of aforementioned carmel shortie. In Scots lingo he has to be what's known as a 'gannet'!

We are watching X-Factor...and I'm admitting to it. It's the 'talent' show us Brits love to hate year after year. When everyone sitting at home all of a sudden become singing/dancing/fashion critics and shake our heads when decisions don't go our way.

The photo at the top of the post is of my pretty little pumpkin. When I was a kid pumpkins weren't really imported to Scotland like they are today and we had to make do with turnip lanterns. I just want to say hollowing out a pumpkin is so much

My inspiration:

You can see it can't you?

Okay so I've another 29 posts to squeeze out this month..any suggestions what I could ramble on about?

Edited to show turnip lantern: