Sunday 9 September 2007

Pics From Knits Past

Well I haven't got much knitting done this past week as I've spent that time on the net looking for knit patterns amongst other things. I'm desperately seeking pattern for a boys tank top if anyone out there can oblige. I refuse to pay £2.00 plus for an ancient old copy from an Ebay seller who probably bought a boxful for 10p at some car booty. some might call it enterprise..I call it downright cheek!! What do you think?(that'll be my moany old nag of the day). Anyway,My pals sister put in a request so I'd like to get my needles clicking soon as poss.

I've been busy drawing 4 ft pictures of Shrek and friends for the walls of the kids ward at my local hospital where I volunteer. My kitchen table was commandeered for a couple of days but I enjoy doodling. I will be sure to post some pictures of my efforts soon.

Meanwhile at the top of this post I've put up some pics of knits I did earlier this year. The first is my 'ruddy big pig' I knitted from a great book I got out the library. The second is my very own creation 'Voodoo Knits' I adapted from a Jean Greenhowe pattern for teddy bears.


Sarah said...

Love the pig and the voodoos!!

Not sure whether you have found the pattern you were after yet?

These are three great online resources for patterns you may not have come across yet:

Sarah said...

Glad to have you in the PIF project - I shall get thinking of something nice to make you :o)

Can you email me your real world details to sarahlburrowsATgmailDOTcom so that when I have sprung into action I can send it on :o)

artyfartykat said...

The Voodoos and the pig look fab!
Hope you manage to get the pattern you're after.