Sunday 27 December 2009

Post Christmas Post

The photo shows our attempt at being festive. I can't believe it's the 27th and our decorations are still in place. The Mister usually starts dismantling them gradually on Boxing Day. Everything in our house has to be dogproof..hence the tabletop tree. It's decorated with little knitted stockings I did last year. Even our wall art has had the Christmas treatment..looks kinda sweet don't you think?
We had a nice smoothly run can't ask for better than that. No last minute change of plans, no family members playing the 'awkward card', no incidents or accidents. That to me is almost blissful and I'm very grateful.
Of course I was also blessed with an abundance of great gifts..which helps..haha!
We have a lot to be thankful for ..our best gift (the one to ourselves) will be revealed tomorrow!


Andy said...

Lovely tree. Pint sized, like you. We're off to Budapest tomorrow morning. Happy New Year.

The Sunroom said...

Hi Lou,
Happy Christmas to you too - I hope you had a good one?