Thursday, 27 November 2008

27 Days Til....

Well people, I'm going to delight some of you but perhaps horrify a few others by telling you this piece of factual news....

...IT'S 27 DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS!!! (gasp!)

I can hardly take it in and I realise this may be a cliche but 'doesn't time fly'?
It doesn't seem so long ago we (here in Scotland) were waiting on summer..we waited and waited but it didn't come. Now its freezing out, winter can be a bitch sometimes.

Today I bought my Christmas cards. For years I have been professing that I will make my own but I never do..then rush out to the shops at the last gasp to pick up whatevers left on the shelves. So this year I got practical, faced facts I wouldn't get the time or inclination to potter about with glue and glitter. I bought some nice charity cards thinking I'd 'do my bit' for good causes. It was only when I opened and read the back of the cards I noticed just 10% of sales go to charity..not much is it?

Anyway after purchasing the festive cards I thought I'd better get them written before I put them 'someplace safe'. Someplace safe..ahh yes that infamous place that becomes so safe you forget where it is and can never find whatever it was you put there..arrghh, haha.

So all are written,stamped and addressed...and its not even December yet!!! (smug satisfaction).
P.S I hope my U.S friends had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Heather Wardell said...

Are you SURE it's only 27 days? Ack. SO not ready.

Urgh. :)

I LOVE Christmas. But it goes so fast!