Monday, 3 November 2008

Barbara, Batman & Binbags

Todays been a bit busy so no whimsical post, just a quick run down and maybe the odd gripe or giggle.

First of all we spent almost 2 hours trailing round the supermarket spending way too much money on way too little stuff. I was hoping to pick up some discounted Halloween wear only to be told it had already been cleared out to make way for more Christmas stock.
We then accompanied Gavin's mum to the electrical shop to peruse fridge freezers only to discover what we already thought...cheaper online.

Shopping away and G cooked an early dinner whilst I got started on a 'home-made' fancy dress costume. You see my good friend Barbara and I had this dumb idea that we would dress up to attend our weekly knit club meeting. No-one else was ,but we thought it would entertain the knitters and delight 6 yr old Aaron who always accompanies his mum each week. Barbara is a crazy woman and a bad influence on us all...see for yourself.
And here's me...Batman in binbag form..yeh!! And little Aaron in his skeleton ghost outfit

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Samsara said...

Hee hee! Love the costumes! :-)