Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Sitting beside me is one of my two favourite boys. The human one is on his PS3 in the next room but Patch, my canine companion is snuggling up. Fireworks continue to go off outside but above the sounds of the TV blaring, washing machine gurgling and games console booming only dog ears can hear. He is a bit unsettled but reassurred by a soft soothing clap on his head every five minutes or so and closes his eyes once again.

It's been over 5 and a half years since we homed time flies. He adopted him from a local dog home called Second Chance Kennels when he was around 18 months old. This was my first experience of choosing and owning a dog having previously been a cat person. The Mister had lost his gentile old dog a few years back (he'd had her for almost 18 years, it was a great loss), so what I didn't know about dogs I was sure he could teach me.

Then I made my first error of judgement..I thought wee dog meant wee problems! I did not know then what I know now. Jack Russells are big dogs in small bodies..strong and stubborn but thankfully also very loveable! It took a while for Patch to get used to us and a bit longer for us to get used to him but I just couldn't be without him now.

He has his funny little ways as we have ours. He is very affectionate but wary of strangers perhaps due to treatment from a previous owner, it's hard to say. Patch knows he is loved..I'm the soft one but Gavin is 'The Master' for sure. That dog will spurn me at a moments notice if Gavin is around and follows him everywhere, even sitting on the side of the bath while his master takes a dip. A sight to behold.

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Liz's Knitting said...

What a cute dog! Our Lady was from Dog's Trust, she was max 1yr (they didn't know...I think she was alot younger!) we've had her for 2yrs. Charlie was a pitiful kitten that Lady found when we were walking along a VERY busy road. I picked him up and the rest is history...they completely adore each other.

I'm sure Gavin loves that you posted that pic on your blog!!!