Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Spellbound By Yarn

Just when I made a pact with myself to buy no more wool I find myself online 'browsing'. Next thing I am submitting my credit card detail and ooops...I've made a purchase!
Maybe I've been hypnotised?, bewitched?..a spell cast upon me? The yarn I bought certainly had some effect. The new Harry Potter colourways by Opal. I'm not a Potter fan as such but I love Opal sock wool and its clever self patterning ways. I just couldn't stand the thought of some other knitters having this wool and not me..HAD TO HAVE!!!

My cupboard is bursting with the contents of my as yet unknitted yarn stash, hence the 'NO WOOL RULE'. Many would agree that rules are meant to be broken.

I ordered from great online store Modern Knitting who I've used a few times and the service is very good with free p&p for all orders over £15.


Liz's Knitting said...

Let me know what you think of i am also tempted by this!!

Sarah said...

Yes that spell gets me all the time!

Great work on the teddies but maybe it's time to make yourself something as a little break :o)