Friday, 21 November 2008

Abba-ra Cadabra

I have a very sore throat..the reason for which will become clear as you read on...

I almost forgot todays post..I'm just making it in time. This NaBloPoMo thing is well past the halfway mark so I don't want to fall at the last fence.

I'd better explain. The reason for my late hour blog post and my ailing throat can be given in two words...SINGSTAR ABBA!!

Two words just isn't enough to describe it's wonderfulness however, so I must go on (and on, and on) about it. Its the new disc in the Sony Playstation Singstar series and it rocks! If you're not familiar with this set up (oh my god you are totally missing out!) its a kareoke type situation with lit up onscreen lyrics and microphone in hand.
I warbled my way through Abba classics 'Super Trouper', 'Knowing Me Knowing You' and 'Fernando' giving it, as we say in Scotland..'laldy'
Now it's time for bed...
...'Gimme, gimme, gimme..a man after midnight!!!

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Samsara said...

My partner loves to singalonga Abba (it's his dirty little secret - hee hee) I'm glad we have a Wii and not a PS!