Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hair Today..Gone Tomorrow?

I'm having yet another bad hair day! It's high time I bit the bullet and made a hair appointment..something has to be done about my misbehaving barnet. Initially I thought I'd grow it longer but I think that was just an excuse not to have to get it cut. I have a bit of an aversion to hairdressers after one snipped my ear over 13 years ago..causing somewhat of a minor bloodbath!

Reflecting I realise over the years I've experienced many almost criminal 'hair dont's' are just a couple of examples..

Crime 1: mother permitted me to have a perm..yeh, thanks mum!!
Crime 2: 1991 Punk/Indie and Sinead O'Connor influences (look at those ears!)
Crime 3: 1997..grow it back and dye it black (K.D Lang out yer heart out!)
I have thick straight hair that seems to grow out the way as well as down. It's a family trait..we call it 'bouff-head'. My mum and brother have also suffered over the years.. hee hee.

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Andy Baker said...

I've thought about doing a hair retrospective. I've had quite a few doos in my day - along with a bit of color enhancement. At this point, it's just Fred running the clippers over my pate at 3mm every weekend. Much easier. But I see you (and Sinead) went through that phase.