Monday, 17 November 2008

Postcards From The Edge

Hey readers! (If indeed you are still out there). I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself today as I've a bummer of a sore head. It's lifted enough for me to check my emails and pop in here to do my daily post but I'm not quite my sing-song like self. Gavin is no doubt glad of the peace and quiet.

I did receive a postcard in the mail this morning which made me smile. Isn't it a joy to receive mail that isn't bills or junk mail (I get sooo much junk mail). The postcard is from Texas from someone called Andi (thanks Andi!). I get lots of postcards from people I don't know and from places all over the globe since I became a member of So if you like to send postcards and receive them check the site out. It's nice to get a little cheer in postcard form and scenes from parts of the world I have yet to visit.

I'm no philatelist but I can't help being fascinated but the varied stamps from country to country. The most interesting one received recently is the fabulous Bette Davis stamp on a card from the U.S.

I send out some very Scottish stereotypical postcards with pipers, castles and highland cows aplenty. Though this is perhaps not a true representation of my area but they have yet to produce postcards showing bingo halls, streets full of dog crap, teenage mums with cigarettes in hand and the very scenic methadone queue on the local High Street. Bonnie Scotland!

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Liz's Knitting said...

That's a shame you can't get 'true' postcards of where you live...but if they do get postcards like that (especially full of 'chavs' (or however you spell it!...would them know how to spell it??)....send them to Bradford too!