Monday, 24 November 2008


I love Amsterdam! It's been too long since my last visit. The photo above shows Gavin and I on our first ever holiday away together in 2002. It was early days, before we were living together and it was really special. Since then we have visited this city 9 times, our last trip being summer 2005 when the Sail event was taking place. That was one hot summer!

Unfortunately I can't take long haul journeys due to crappy lungs (my oxygen levels plummet!) so the hour flight between Edinburgh and Amsterdam has always been very convenient travel for me. We have stayed in a few great hotels, revisiting one a few times (possibly because of the massive breakfasts). We even took Gavin's mum across once for her first ever trip abroad and she was most enlightened by her walk through the Red Light District!

We did the whole culture vulture thang on our early trips, museums and galleries aplenty but
my favourite day out in A'dam is the zoo. Not only are the animals well cared for and facinating to watch but it is a beautiful place just to sit on a sunny day.
My only solace is that it is as cold in Amsterdam as it is here at the moment!


"Skipper" said...

Hey, there! Good on ya for making it so far.... me, too. Hope you hang in there ... and the snow pic was wonderful, we rarely get it here.

Only 6 more sleeps ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my blog. I've linked to yours. Maybe we'll both get more readers.