Tuesday, 18 November 2008

My Day At 'Tots'

It's almost 10.30pm and I need my bed! I've had my bath, got my pj's on and have had a lovely supper of caramel shortbread and hot sweet tea. The reason for my fatigue? I took a 20 minute train ride today to visit a friend and her 2 lovely little children. The kids are aged 21 months and 4 months, beautiful little children but I don't know how my pal does it!! After one nappy change the other needs fed, then another nappy change and some formula to make up. Coping with this, two rounds of tears, baths and bedtimes..crikey!

I went along to 'tots' (a parent and toddler group held in their local church hall). It was a mass free for all..kids running riot everywhere but having the time of their lives. I spent a little time myself in the toy kitchen assisting my little pal to make 'cups of tea' and 'toast for daddy'. We all retreated to the cafe with milk and snacks for the kids and an opportunity for mums to share dreams of 'a day off'.

It's nice to get out for the day but ..ahhh it's ever so lovely to be home too.

Today would also have been my Grandad's 81st birthday but he died far too early at the age of 58 in 1986. Love you and miss you still xx

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are still posting everyday- hang in there only 12 days left!